What is the difference between an anode and a cathode?
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Answer :

The anode is positively charged electrode and the cathode is negatively charged electrode.
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Description : Do electrons flow from the anode to the cathode?

Answer : electrons flow from cathode to anode because the electron has a negative charge and repels from the negatively charged cathode whilst also attracting to the positively charged anode.

Description : Which is the positive terminal anode or cathode?

Answer : Anode is positive terminal and cathode is negative terminal.

Description : What is the difference between a coil and an inductor?

Answer : Inductor is covering with insulating material is called coil.so they differentiate between coil and inductor.

Description : Describe the difference between an open circuit and a short circuit.

Answer : Open circuit means the wire is cut meaning power will not flow and close circuit means wire is not cut and hence power will flow.Short circuit is the same as close circuit

Description : What is the difference between a cable and a conductor?