What is the Lenz's law?
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Answer :

"The induced EMF always opposes the cause producing it" this is the lenz law.
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Answer :

The direction of induced current is such as to oppose the change of current in circuit.
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Description : State and explain Lenz's law.

Answer : Lenz’s law: It states that the direction of statically induced emf is such that it always opposes the cause that produces it. In fact, the induced emf produces current, which produces magnetic flux and this magnetic flux opposes the changing magnetic field that is responsible for emf induction.

Description : What is KCL and KVL law?

Answer : Basically KCL and KVL are two laws that are presented by Kirchoff KCL stands for kirchoff, s current law And KVL stands for kirchoff, s voltage law According to KVL:sum of all the voltages in a ... is zero For example v1 +v2+ v3+ v4 =0 According to KCL: Incoming current=outgoing current

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Answer : Ohm's law formula

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Answer : Kirchhoff's voltage law

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Answer : Kirchhoff's current law