What kinds of materials can not electricity pass through?
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Description : A 1000Ohm, 1 Watt resistor can safely pass a current of

Answer : A 1000 Ohm, 1 Watt resistor can safely pass a current of 30 mA

Answer : Rubber is a insulator it do not allow flow of current so electricity can not flow through rubber.

Answer : No. Wood is an insulator and it doesn't free electrons to flow in it.

Description : What do you mean by active filter? State its advantages over passive filter . Define pass band & stop band with respect to filter.

Answer : Active Filter: Active Filter is formed by using active element along with the passive components.  Advantages of Active filter over Passive filter: High value of pass band gain can be obtained. It is ... pass band.  Stop Band Filter: The frequency range which is attenuated is known as stop band.

Description : How to Pass a Football

Answer : How to Pass a Football The pose of a player during a pass is one of the iconic and enduring images of American football. All games will have to involve each player from the team being in ... a split second to make, but with enough practice, the perfect pass can make you a gridiron legend.