How can we increase the induced current?
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Answer :

Induced  current  can  be  increased by  reducing  no  of   windings  on  the  secondary  part   compared   to   primary.
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Description : What is the direction of the induced current?

Description : What will happen if you increase the current in the motor?

Answer : Increasing current means increasing frequency of the motor because current is directly proportional to rotations of the motor rotor

Description : Why does increase in current mean a decrease in voltage?

Answer : This is because current flows from high potential to low potential to bring the two diffrent potential to unity , thus  a reduced potential (voltage)

Description : What are three ways you can increase the strength of an electromagnet?

Description : Self induced emf and Mutually induced emf

Answer : (i) Self-induced e.m.f.: The e.m.f. induced in a coil due to the change of its own flux linked with it, is called self-induced e.m.f.  (ii) Mutually induced e.m.f.: The e.m.f. induced in a coil due to the changing current in the neighbouring coil, is called mutually induced e.m.f.