Why do we use AC current in our homes?
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Answer :

Because of various advantages:

We can step up and step down AC so it can be use for both smaller and larger appliances.

Less power loss as compared to DC by increasing voltage and decreasing current.

AC is useful for induction motors.

AC is more safer as compared to DC.

Converting station cost of DC is very high.
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Answer :

Because  most  home  equipments  use  AC  power.
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Answer :

We used it for cooking rice,  For washing clothes and for lights in the house.
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Description : Is the power line voltage available in our homes a dc or an ac voltage?

Answer : The power line voltage available in our homes is AC. Mobile dwellings are the most commonly DC-supplied homes and even then they tend to include AC supply for heavier loads.

Description : Do cell phones use AC or DC current?

Answer : DC of course.

Description : Alternating current (AC)

Answer : AC stands for Alternating Current meaning voltage or current that changes polarity or direction respectively over time. An Alternating Current (AC) is an electric current whose magnitude ... energy are known as alternators and are simpler construction than DC electromechanical generators.

Description : Is current from a battery AC or DC?

Answer : The current from the battery is DC

Description : How does AC current change direction?

Answer : This  is  because  the  angle  at  which  the   magnetic  fields  cuts  across  a  winding  changes  its  poles  thus  current  has  to  change  dirention  .