Do electric trains have gears?
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Answer :

Electric  trains  have  gears  for  speed  variation. This  is  because  it  is  not  easy  to  run  a  motor  at  diffrent  speed  of your  choice.
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Description : Describe the reason of using dc series motor for electric trains.

Answer : Electric trains require an inverse torque speed characteristics for proper operation. That is a higher torque is required at start (when speed is nil or low) and as the train picks up ... torque - speed characteristics of DC series motors match, these motors are suitable for electric trains

Answer : The voltage used for suburban trains in D.C. system is usually 600 to 750 V.

Description : How to Shift Gears in a Car ?

Answer : How to Shift Gears in a Car Driving a shift stick offers many benefits especially for drivers who don't like monotony on the road. First-timers are recommended to practice driving using a shift stick ... If you enjoy learning this article, you'll surely be delighted in reading how to learn driving.

Description : State the working principle of gears and give its applications.

Answer : Working Principle:  Gears are mechanical elements which transmit motion by means of successively engaging teeth.  Gears are used to transmit motion from one shaft to another or between ... Agricultural equipment.  Industrial construction.  Mining equipment.  Automotive equipment.

Description : Why are DC motors used in trains and not AC motors ?

Answer : The reason is torque. torque is inversely proportional to speed..i.e when th knowe train comes to rest position to motion.. initial speed is it requires high starting torque for ... current will flow through field and armature coils then maximum torque is available at the intial condition.