What is a conveyor motor?

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Motors used to run conveyor belts.
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Description : The motor used for electric traction is  (1) D.C. shunt motor (3) D.C. series motor  (2) D.C. compound motor (4) Synchronous motor

Answer : The motor used for electric traction is D.C. series motor

Description : Which type of motor is used in lift?

Answer : Synchronous motor

Description : Why DC motor is used for traction?

Description : Which motor is used in traction system?

Description : Develop a ladder diagram for to control conveyor belt motor equipped with the: (i) Counter of item. (ii) Start & Stop functions. (iii) Change of direction function.

Answer : Forward: Reverse:

Description : What is the difference between Generator and Motor?

Answer : If a rotating machine delivers a power as output it is called generator. If power required to rotate a machine it is called motor.

Description : What will happen if the induction motor runs at synchronous speed ?

Answer : Since there is always slip present in rotor it cannot run at synchronous speed no current will be developed hence no torque will developed

Description : What would happen if a DC motor was supplied with AC ?

Answer : With three phase induction motor, humming and not rotate, but if single phase universal motor like air blower, home mixture, motor run on constant speed..speed variation not possible...

Description : What is the slip (as a percentage) when a 6 pole single phase induction motor operating on 220 V and 60 Hz is rotating at speed of 1140 rpm? A) 60% B) 5% C) 10% D) None of these

Answer : What is the slip (as a percentage) when a 6 pole single phase induction motor operating on 220 V and 60 Hz is rotating at speed of 1140 rpm? A) 60% B) 5% C) 10% D) None of these

Answer : The armature may burn if the back e.m.f. of a D.C. motor vanishes suddenly.

Answer : Centrifugal switch disconnects the auxiliary winding of the motor at about 70 to 80 percent of synchronous speed.

Description : What is the maximum value of torque angle in synchronous motor?

Answer : The maximum value of torque angle in synchronous motor is 90 degrees electrical.

Description : what will happen when excitation of an unloaded salient pole synchronous motor suddenly gets disconnected?

Answer : When excitation of an unloaded salient pole synchronous motor suddenly gets disconnected the motor will stop.

Description : What is the definition of induction motor?

Answer : its working on magnetic base made by coils and its work with 1 phase or 3 phase ac or dc supply

Description : What is the function of induction motor?

Answer : while you give supply to motor its motor run on magnet base 

Description : What are the advantages of DC series motor?

Description : What can cause high amperage on a motor?

Answer : High  amperage  can  result  in  a motor  when the  amount  of  load  increases. when  load  increases  , it  reduces  the  rotor  speed which  increases  the  slip  at  constant  synchronous  speed ... ,  as  a  result  more  current  shall  have  been  drawn  to  maintain  the  additional  load.

Description : What will happen if you increase the current in the motor?

Answer : Increasing current means increasing frequency of the motor because current is directly proportional to rotations of the motor rotor

Description : What are the parts of AC motor?

Description : What is the principle of synchronous motor?

Description : What is the use of synchronous motor?

Description : What is the RPM of a DC motor?

Description : What is the principle of AC motor?

Description : What is the principle of DC motor?

Description : What is back EMF of synchronous motor?

Description : What is the back EMF of a dc motor?

Description : What is the back EMF of the motor?

Description : What is an electric motor drive?

Answer : An electric drive is a complex electromechanical system that drives various actuators in industrial and industrial work machines. In this case, control is carried out using a technological process ... calculation of the kinematic and load characteristics of the electric drive is carried out.

Description : What is a servo motor and how does it work?

Answer : It is a simple electrical motor that is operated by AC or DC signal in order to provide a precise angular motion for a given electrical signal.

Description : What is mean by plugging in three phase induction motor?

Answer : Plugging in three-phase induction motor means interchanging of any two phases of a stator for quick stopping.

Description : What are the speed control methods of dc motor?

Answer : Field control of DC motor Armature control of DC motor

Description : What is the rotor of a motor?

Answer : Rotor is the rotating or moving part in motor and generator.

Description : What is the use of an electric motor?

Answer : Electrical motors are use for converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. It may be use in fans, pumps, washing machine, cranes, trains, factories, industries etc.

Description : AC motor

Answer : AC motor AC motor have two types one is Induction motor and second is synchronous motor. Induction motor have two types one is single phase induction motor and second is three phase ... self starting motor so using  external motor or we have to start it as induction motor.

Description : what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?

Answer : Asynchronous motors and syncrouns motor are called as dc machines.  and also syncrouns motor called as induction motor. Asynonymous motor as are rotates with constant speed we not able to operate . ... It is able to operate. These are a small difference between syncrouns and asynchronous motors. 

Description : Explain the necessity of starter for D.C. motor. State various types of D.C. motor starter. 

Answer : Necessity of Starter for D.C. Motor: Armature current is given by equation Ia = (V−Eb)/Ra i) If the motor is at standstill or rest, back emf Eb is zero (as Eb= ZNP/(60A), at start speed N ... . Types of D.C. motor starters: i) Two point starter ii)Three point starter iii) Four point starter

Description : State at least one function and the material used for the following parts of DC Motor.

Answer : Part Function Material Yoke -Provides mechanical support for poles -Acts as protecting cover for machine -Provides path for magnetic flux Cast Iron OR Cast Steel Field Winding - ... Pole core  Provides mechanical support to field winding. Cast Iron OR Cast Steel

Description : Explain the working principle of induction motor. 

Answer : Working principle of induction motor: * When the motor is excited with three-phase supply, three-phase stator winding carries three-phase currents & produces a rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude and ... , which tend to move the rotor in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field. 

Description : State the insulating materials used in motor. Write temperature class and withstand temperature ranges for them. 

Answer : The insulating materials used in motor are as belows: 1. Cotton, 2. Silk, or paper, 3. Press board, 4. Resins 5. PVC 6. Cellulose-Fiber, 7. Enameled coating, etc  ... Over 180° Mica, porcelain, ceramics, glass quartz, asbestos, treated glass fiber or treated asbestos. etc.

Description : List different starting methods of three phase synchronous motor. Explain any one of them.

Answer : Different Starting Methods of Three Phase Synchronous Motor: As synchronous motor is not self starting, different methods of starting are as follows: 1) By using an Induction (Pony) motor 2) ... . The rotor gets pulled into synchronism and starts running at constant speed as a synchronous motor. 

Description : Draw and explain V and inverted V curves for synchronous motor.

Answer : V curves' and inverted V curves' for Synchronous Motor:  V curve:  V curve is a plot of the stator current versus field current for different constant loads. The graph is plotted ... Vcurves of synchronous motor. The highest point on each of these curves indicates unity power factor.

Description : State the modification to be done in dc series motor to work satisfactorily as ac series motor. State applications of ac series motor.

Answer : Modifications are necessary in a dc series motor so that it operates satisfactorily on ac supply. The modifications are as follows:  1) AC series motor is built with a few field turns as ... and grinders 5) High speed vacuum cleaners 6) Sewing machines 7) Food processors 8) Drilling machine 

Description : Explain the activities carried out during weekly maintenance of 3 ph. Induction motor. 

Answer : Activities Carried out During Weekly Maintenance of 3 ph. Induction Motor:  1) Check belt tension. In cases where this is excessive it should immediately be reduces and in the case of sleeve ... and cooled by oil mist systems its important to check the oil mist flow paths/pressure components.

Description : Describe with neat sketch working of hysteresis motor.

Answer : Working: When stator is energized with single phase ac supply, rotating magnetic field is produced because of starting (auxiliary) and main windings, which remain in circuit permanently. The ... the principle of magnetic locking this motor either rotates at synchronous speed or not at all.

Description : List applications of stepper motor.

Answer : Applications of Stepper Motor: 1) Computer controlled systems 2) Numerical control of machine tools 3) Tape drives 4) Floppy disc drives 5) Computer printers 6) X-Y plotters 7) ... ) Extruders 21) Engravers 22) Analytical and Medical instruments 23) Embroidery Machines 24) Packaging Machines

Description : List different torques in synchronous motor. 

Answer : Different Torques in Synchronous Motor: 1) Starting torque 2) Running torque 3) Pull-in torque 4) Pull-out torque

Description : State suitable single phase motor for following applications: (i) Table fan (ii) Mixers and Grinders

Answer : Application Suitable Single Phase Motor Table Fan 1) Capacitor split phase motor 2) Capacitor start capacitor run motor Mixers and Grinders 1) Universal motor 2) A.C. Series motor

Description : State the function of following parts in Induction motor. (i) Stator (ii) Slip rings

Answer : Name of part Function Stator 1) Stator frame supports the core, terminal box and protects the inner parts. 2) Stator core houses stator winding. 3) Stator winding ... ) Provides facility to connect external resistance to rotor circuit through brushes for starting and control.

Description : List the energy conservation technique in induction motor. 

Answer : Following are the list of energy conservation techniques in electrical motors: 1) Reduction in iron losses by using low loss silicon steel core material laminated to thinner dimension. 2) Using bigger length ... at light load. 13) By rewinding in induction motor 14) By motor survey

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