What is undercut defect in welding?
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Description : What is mass energy equivalence? Give one example. Define mass defect and binding energy.

Answer : Mass energy equivalence:-   The physical principle that a measured quantity of energy is equivalent to a measured quantity of mass. The equivalence is expressed by Einstein's equation E = mc ... of energy that must be supplied to a nucleus to completely separate its nuclear articles (nucleons)

Description : What are the different types of welding?

Description : What are the four basic welding positions?

Description : For arc welding current range is usually  (1) 10 to 15 A (2) 30 to 40 A (3) 50 to 100 A (4) 100 to 350 A

Answer : For arc welding current range is usually 100 to 350 A

Description : Spot welding is used for (1) Thin metal (3) Castings only (2) Rough and irregular surface (4) Thick sections

Answer : Spot welding is used for Thin metal