How hot does it get in a microwave?
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Description : How to Clean a Microwave

Answer : How to Clean a Microwave Microwave ovens are one of the most used kitchen appliances people have in their households. As a result, it's one of the appliances that get dirty in a short span of ... of baking soda inside the microwave when not in use will also help prevent it from accumulating odors.

Description : How to Microwave Bacon ?

Answer : How to Microwave Bacon Do you love to eat bacon for breakfast, but you don't want to deal with dirty pans and burn marks from oil spatters? If you have a microwave in your kitchen, there ... tastes just as delicious and as crispy. Just follow these tips and enjoy a delicious bacon-filled breakfast!

Description : How to Microwave Rice ?

Answer : How to Microwave Rice Rice is the staple food of millions of people all over the world. For Americans, though, rice is not as popular as starchy foods like bread and potatoes, and rice has been ... perfect batch of rice to serve to friends, guests, and family members for any meal of the day.

Description : How to choose a microwave oven?

Answer : Before you start choosing a microwave oven, you should clearly define what functions it will have to perform in your kitchen. For cooking simple dishes, heating food and defrosting, it is quite ... can even weigh products on their own. All this greatly facilitates the operation of the oven.

Description : How do you discharge a capacitor in a microwave?