How do induction heaters work?
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Description : How does a single phase induction motor work?

Answer : As we know that single phase induction is not self started because for self started we require atleast two revolving field but single phase induction motor has only one. So we provide extra ... 1phase IM classified as split phase IM, capacitor start capacitor run, capacitor start induction run.

Description : How does electric locomotive work?

Answer : Electric  locomotives  are  powered   by  motors  connected  to  battery  or  any  supply . The  electric  supply  is  connected  to  a  motor  which  drives  set  of  gears  connected  to  wheels.

Description : The range of frequencies used in induction heating is :  (A) 0-25 Hz  (C) less than 200 Hz  (B) 50 to 100 Hz  (D) more than 1 kHz

Answer : The range of frequencies used in induction heating is : more than 1 kHz

Description : Is induction heating safe?

Description : How do skis work?

Answer : Skis are long and slender and are used to glide over snow or water. They can be made of wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass or a combination of materials. Originally, people wore them to make ... technology is being applied to improve ski design. People can expect better and safer skis in the future.