What is the role of a transducer?
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Description : What is the difference between a sensor and a transducer?

Description : What is a transducer and how does it work?

Answer : An electronic device that converts one form of energy to another form.for example a transducer is used in microphone to convert speech signals to electrical signal.on the other hand,transducer is used to convert an electrical signal to speech signals in speakers.

Description : What is a piezoelectric transducer used for?

Description : What is the role of a capacitor in a circuit?

Description : Summerise the role of power system engineer.

Answer : Role of power system engineer:  i. On the planning side he or she has to make decisions on how much electricity to generate  ii. For operation of the power system he has to plan for ... for energy conservation and load management. viii. For solving the power system problems he has to update with