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What is a transducer and how does it work?

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1 Answer

Answer :

An electronic device that converts one form of energy to another form.for example a transducer is used in microphone to convert speech signals to electrical signal.on the other hand,transducer is used to convert an electrical signal to speech signals in speakers.
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Description : What is a piezoelectric transducer used for?

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Description : Define Analog Transducer and give examples of it

Last Answer : Analog Transducer: An analog transducer is a device that converts the input signal into a continuous DC signal of voltage or current. Examples: * Strain gauge * L.V.D.T * Thermocouple * Thermistor

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Description : Define transducer. State factors which are considered while selecting transducer for a particular application.

Last Answer : Transducer - It converts one form of signal into another form. A transducer is a device that is used to convert a physical quantity into its corresponding electrical signal. ... compatibility : The transducer should maintain input and output characteristic for the selected environmental condition.

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Description : State principle of operation of piezo-electric transducer. State its application.

Last Answer : The piezoelectric element used for converting mechanical movement into electric signals. The mechanical deformation generates charges and this charge appears as a voltage across the electrodes.  ... destructive test (NDT) equipments 6. Piezoelectric materials are used in ultrasonic transducers. 

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Description : Write example of each type (i) Primary transducer (ii) Active transducer (iii) Electrical transducer (iv) Digital transducer

Last Answer : (i) Active transducer:-Thermocouple, piezoelectric, photovoltaic cell (ii) Primary transducer:- Bourdon tube, bellows, (iii) Electrical transducer.:- LVDT,RVDT, Hall effect, strain gauge, ... , optical pyrometer, radiation pyrometer (iv) Digital transducer:- Linear Encoder, digital taco generator

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Description : State the use of RADAR type level transducer & list two advantages.

Last Answer : Applications of radar type transducer: i) RADAR type level transducer is suitable for large tanks with range upto 200m for level measurement. ii) It is used for continuous level measurement. ... iii) Not affected by corrosive materials. iv) Can be used for hard to handle' applications.

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Description : List any two materials for Piezoelectric transducer.

Last Answer : i) Quartz crystal, ii) Barium titanete , iii) Rochelle salt , iv) Lithium Sulphate, v) Potassium Dihydrogen phosphate.

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Description : State the necessity of transducer.

Last Answer : Necessity of Transducer: Input quantity for most of the Instrumentation systems is non - electrical quantity. To convert non- electrical quantities like heat, pressure, level, flow rate, ... use electrical methods and techniques for measurement, manipulation and control, transducers are required.

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Description : List four electric pressure transducer.

Last Answer : List of electric pressure measuring devices: 1. Diaphragm with strain gauge 2. Bourdon Tube with LVDT 3. Differential Pressure cell 4. Piezoelectric type pressure transducer 5. Capacitance pressure transducer 6. Optical Pressure transducer 7. Resistive pressure transducer 

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