What is the bisection method?


Description : What is Newton Raphson Method example?

Description : Why do we use Gauss elimination method?

Description : Explain the thermal triggering method of SCR. Enlist different triggering methods of SCR.

Answer : Types of Triggering: 1) Forward voltage triggering 2) Thermal triggering (Temperature triggering) 3) Radiation triggering (Light triggering) 4) dv/dt triggering 5) Gate triggering ... generated leakage current increases. This current gets multiplied internally and thyristor is turned on. 

Description : Illustrate with neat wiring diagram a single lamp control by two point method.

Answer : Single lamp control by two point method:  This system is commonly used for stair case wiring. It consists of two way switches (the switch operates always in one of the two possible positions) the ... the person will change the position of switch S2, so that the lamp will be switched OFF'.

Description : Draw and explain vacuum impregnation method of varnishing.

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