What is the bisection method?
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Description : What is Newton Raphson Method example?

Description : Why do we use Gauss elimination method?

Description : How to Choose a Birth Control Method

Answer : How to Choose a Birth Control Method Birth control methods depend on the couple's needs and commitment to the method. Some couples just need to prevent pregnancy while others wish to avoid sexually- ... unplanned sex, a broken condom or failure to take birth control pills two days in a row.

Description : How to Use the Rhythm Method

Answer : How to Use the Rhythm Method The rhythm method is one of the many natural ways of birth control. This technique is based on the length of your menstrual cycle. Here are some tips you can ... their phases. There are numerous natural birth control techniques. Use the one the best suits your needs.

Description : Explain the thermal triggering method of SCR. Enlist different triggering methods of SCR.

Answer : Types of Triggering: 1) Forward voltage triggering 2) Thermal triggering (Temperature triggering) 3) Radiation triggering (Light triggering) 4) dv/dt triggering 5) Gate triggering ... generated leakage current increases. This current gets multiplied internally and thyristor is turned on.