Didactic communication is (A) intra-personal (B) inter-personal (C) organizational (D) relational

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Answer: B A didactic method is a teaching method that follows a consistent scientific approach or educational style to engage the student?s mind. Didactic communication is the one which intermediates the accomplishment of the educational phenomenon as a whole, it occurring only as a particular form required in the transmission of some specific learning content. It is particularly needed in achieving certain objectives, in the transmission of knowledge and information that is to be received by students and it also produces changes in students? cognitive, affective, behavioral and action?like reactions. 
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Description : Organisational communication can also be equated with (A) intra-personal communication. (B) inter-personal communication. (C) group communication. (D) mass communication. 

Description : Orcut is a part of: (A) Intra personal Communication (B) Mass Communication (C) Group Communication (D) Interpersonal Communication

Description : The most important cause of failure for teacher lies in the area of: (A) inter personal relationship (B) lack of command over the knowledge of the subject (C) verbal ability (D) strict handling of the students

Description : ICT stands for : (A) International Communication Technology (B) Intera Common Terminology (C) Information and Communication Technology (D) Inter connected Terminals

Description : Figure out the components of non-verbal communication in a classroom from the following : (A) Facial expression, cultural space and seating arrangement (B) Speed of utterance, feel good ... sound, physical ambience and teacher-learner distance (D) Facial expression, kinesics and personal space

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