What is antiferromagnetic material?
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Description : What material should children's furniture be made of?

Answer : The most ideal option is furniture made from natural wood. Such material is environmentally friendly, however, many varieties of valuable species are quite expensive. In view of the limited family ... your liking, because, despite its versatility and safety, it should please and bring pleasure.

Description : What is piezoelectric effect? Name two piezoelectric material.

Answer : piezoelectric effect: Piezoelectric effect can be stated as follows: when a pressure or force or vibration is applied to crystalline material like quartz crystal or crystalline substances, then ... crystal: Quartz crystal ,Rochelle salt 2) Synthetic crystals : Barium Titanate, Lithium sulphate

Description : What is amorphous metal material? Give any three properties of amorphous metal.

Answer : Amorphous metal: The amorphous is metal alloy which differ in crystalline structure. The atoms are arranged in random configuration.  Properties of amorphous metal: 1) Thermal conductivity of ... . 6) The alloy does not undergo shrinkage on solidification, which helps in bones attachments.

Description : What is dielectric strength of an insulating material? What is its unit?

Answer : Dielectric Strength: The dielectric strength of an insulating material is the maximum voltage which the insulating medium can withstand without breakdown. Unit is volts per millimeter (V/mm), or kV/mm or kV/cm

Description : What are insulating material?

Answer : Insulating material: Insulating material is that which offers very high resistance to the flow of current through it.