How microcontrollers are programmed?

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Answer : You have to understand that a microcontroller is chip enabled in it with a microprocessor.This microprocessor is the one that is programmed by writing a set of instruction( code) in it.The microcontroller is then able to function as required by the user.

Description : What are the different types of microcontrollers?

Description : ______________ is the smallest microcontrollers which can be programmed to perform a large range of tasks. A. PIC microcontrollers B. ARM microcontrollers C. AVR microcontrollers D. ASIC microcontrollers

Answer : A. PIC microcontrollers 

Description : Decisions which are non-repetitive and novel nature and required to solve unstructured problem is called as ___________. A. Programmed decisions. B. Non -programmed decisions. C. Routine decisions. D. Strategic decisions.

Answer : B. Non -programmed decisions.

Description : Which of the following best expresses the difference between programmed and non-programmed decisions? (a) Occur under certainty or risk; occur under uncertainty or ambiguity (b) Made by managers ... rules cannot be developed (d) Have computer routines developed for them; are not computerized

Answer : (c) Handled with decision rules; decision rules cannot be developed