What is the need for electrically isolated drive circuits?
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Description : Explain transformer isolated drive circuits providing both signal and power.

Answer : EPROM EEPROM Flash EPROM Normalize cell size is 1. Normalize cell size is about 1 ... and floating gate, which is insulated by a dielectric material. NAND flash memory and NOR flash memory are the two types of flash memory.

Description : What are the fundamental requirements of gate drive ICs?

Description : What is the need of polarity marking in polyphase AC circuits?

Answer : Need of Polarity Marking in Polyphase AC Circuits: i) Polarity marking of terminals provides reference polarity for better understanding of system, even if the polarity of ac voltage changes ... of current transformers in relay protection circuit and getting desired performance is very difficult.

Description : Explain MOSFET gate drive circuit and totem pole configuration.

Answer : MOSFET gate drive circuit: The turning on and turning off of MOSFET can be controlled from gate to source voltage signal. If the gate to source voltage of MOSFET exceeds threshold ... this configuration, the two switches (transistors) are used in totem pole arrangement with a comparator.