Explain different gate drives techniques with base circuits and key features.

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Description : What are the factors to be considered while selection of motors for different drives?

Answer : Following Factors are considered while selecting electric drive (Motor) for particular application:  Factors to be considered for selection of Electrical Drives:  1) Nature of Supply:- Whether supply ... , load equalization 7) Cost: - Capital, Running and maintenance cost should be less.  

Description : Explain the sinusoidal harmonic reduction techniques for cylcoconverters.

Description : Explain MOSFET gate drive circuit and totem pole configuration.

Answer : MOSFET gate drive circuit: The turning on and turning off of MOSFET can be controlled from gate to source voltage signal. If the gate to source voltage of MOSFET exceeds threshold ... this configuration, the two switches (transistors) are used in totem pole arrangement with a comparator.

Description : Explain thyristor gate drive circuit.

Answer : Thyristor Gate Drive Circuit: The thyristor can be turned on by pulse voltage signal at gate terminal and it does not require continuous drive signal like the transistor. The gate ... circuit provide required minimum gate voltage and gate current then the thyristor conducts properly.

Description : Explain the “mitigation of power theft” and “faulty meter replacement” for energy conservation techniques to reduce commercial losses. 

Answer : Energy conservation techniques to reduce commercial losses:  1. Mitigation of Power Theft: Power theft being the most important issue which all of the service providing utilities ... agricultural sector. Prepaid meters may prove effective measures against unauthorized abstraction of energy. 

Description : Explain any two energy conservation techniques in fan.

Answer : Following are energy conservation techniques in Fans : 1) Use the electronic regulators instead of conventional regulator: Function of regulator is to control the speed of the fan. The conventional regulators ... 't forget to properly maintain your electric fan and keep it in good working order. 

Description : Explain frequency domain synthesis. Which techniques fall into the category of frequency domain synthesis?

Description : With proper reason suggest type of enclosure for electric drives used in coal mines.

Answer : Flame-proof type of enclosure for electric drives is used in coal mines.  Reason: - Coal mines are very hazardous, prone to flame and explosions. Under such conditions, flame proof type ... them (due to arcs, sparks, or flashes) without igniting the surrounding flammable gases or vapors.

Description : Explain transformer isolated drive circuits providing both signal and power.

Description : What is the use of AC and DC drives?

Description : State types of enclosures of electric drives.

Answer : Types of enclosures of Electric Drives: 1) Screen protected 2) Open type 3) Protected type 4) Totally enclosed 5) Drip-proof type 6) Pipe ventilated type 7) Flame proof type 8) Explosion proof 9) Splash proof.

Description : Describe the gate circuit for a single phase full converter.

Description : What are the fundamental requirements of gate drive ICs?

Description : Justify. Power MOSFET is operated at high enough gate source voltage to minimize the conduction losses. 

Answer : MOSFET is metal oxide field effect transistor. MOSFET is a voltage controlled device. MOSFET is majority carrier device. MOSFET are of two one is n-channel MOSFET and p-channel MOSFET. Gate, ... . Hence, power MOSFET is operated at high enough gate-source voltage to minimize the conduction losses.

Description : basic gate drive circuit of GTO

Answer : basic gate drive circuit of GTO

Description : Draw the structural diagram of GTO. Explain briefly the switching behavior of GTO with the help of appropriate voltage and current waveform.

Answer : Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) Conventional Thyristor can be turned on with gate terminal but can not turn off from gate terminal. But in case of Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO), we can turn it on and off ... subdivided as storage period (Ts), fall period (Tp) and tail period (Tt).

Description : Explain the features of Aquarium lighting. 

Answer : 1) The aquarium light depends upon the size of the aquarium tank (Length, width and depth)  2) The aquarium lighting depends upon the all surrounding condition e.g. colour and size of the given ... The aquarium lighting should be economical.  9) The life of the aquarium lighting should be long. 

Description : Compare base load plant with peak load plant on any two points.

Answer : Points Base load plant Peak load plant Definition The power plant which supplies base load of load curve is known as base load plant  The power plant which supplies ... ,thermal,nuclear power station Small capacity storage hydro,pumped storage hydro,gas,diesel power station.

Description : What is the need for electrically isolated drive circuits?

Description : Explain with neat diagram series and parallel magnetic circuits. 

Answer : Series magnetic circuit: When different magnetic materials having different lengths, cross sectional areas and permeability are connected one after another, in which same flux is established in different sections, then it is called series ... flux, Φ = Φ1 + Φ2  Path 1: BAFE  Path 2: BACD

Description : Select insulating materials for following parts : (i) Insulation between heating element and base plate of electric iron. (ii) Insulation used over copper or aluminium conductor used for making coils. (iii) Transformer bushings. (iv) Insulation between transmission line and pole.

Answer : Parts Insulating Materials  Insulation between heating element and base plate of electric iron. Mica Insulation used over copper or aluminium conductor used for making coils.  ... Transformer bushings Porcelain  Insulation between transmission line and pole. Porcelain

Description : State why nuclear power plants are used as base load plants and diesel power plants as a peak load plant. 

Answer : 1. Because of following points Nuclear power plant used as base load power plant:-  1. Nuclear power plants is very economical for producing bulk amount of electric power 2. Nuclear power plant is reliable ... . The plants can be put on load easily. 4. Diesel engines take less time to make OFF.

Description :  If the base current of a BJT is 250 µA and emitter current is 15 mA, then the common base current gain will be A) 0.98 B) 0.41 C) 59 D) 55  

Answer :  If the base current of a BJT is 250 µA and emitter current is 15 mA, then the common base current gain will be 0.98 

Description : What is base load and peak load power plants?

Description :  Compare the salient features of LED and CFL based on: i] Lamp Efficiency ii] Life span 

Answer : Parameter LED CFL Lamp Efficiency  High (more than 70 lumen per watt) Comparatively less (50-60 lumen per watt) Life span (in working hours) 10000 3000

Description : Define the following terms : (i) Base Station (ii) Control Channel (iii) Mobile Station (iv) Page 

Answer : i) Base Station: - A fixed station in a mobile radio system used for radio communication with mobile stations. Base stations are located at the center or on the edge of a coverage region ... the page throughout the service area using base stations which broadcast the page on a radio carrier.

Description : What are the seven base units?

Answer : Length, mass, time, electric current, temperature, luminous intensity and amount of substance are the seven base units.

Description : The time base signal in Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is  (1) A square wave signal (2) A sawtooth signal (3) A triangular wave signal (4) A sinusoidal signal

Answer : 2 Saw tooth 

Answer : Nuclear power plant is invariably used as base load plant.

Description : What features do aerated concrete attic spaces have?

Answer : What features do aerated concrete attic spaces have? Modern houses built from aerated concrete blocks are distinguished by a variety and originality of designs. They are especially unique in ... from aerated concrete makes it possible to implement such projects in the shortest possible time.

Description : State features of wireless power transmission. 

Answer : Features of wireless power transmission:  1. Energy delivered anywhere in the world 2. Zero fuel cost 3. Less losses 4. Less use of copper wires 5. More efficiency 6. Minimum long- ... on cables would never exist in the transmission.  7. Power theft would be not possible at all. 

Description : State features of Bluetooth.

Answer : 1. Each Bluetooth device has the capability of sharing all of its features with other Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area. 2. Bluetooth-enabled computer, sharing all the features, such as the Internet. 3. ... of each other. 5.Frequency - 2.4 GHz 6. Maximum Transmission rate is less than 1 Mbps

Description : List any four salient features of 8085 microprocessor

Answer : Features of 8085:  1. 16 address line so 216=64 Kbytes of memory can be addressed.  2. Operating clock frequency is 3MHz and minimum clock frequency is 500 KHz.  3. On chip bus controller ... duty cycle TTL clock  10. Provide 2 serial I/O lines, so peripheral can be interfaced with 8085 μp

Description : State any 4 features of VHDL.

Answer : 1. It is a concurrent language that is it can execute statements at same time in parallel as in hardware.  2. It is a sequential language that is it can execute sequential statements one at a ... for asynchronous resets.  18. Logical statement (like case and if/then) endings are clearly marked.

Description : State any four salient features of turbo- alternator.

Answer : Special features of a turbo alternator used in TPS: Special Futures (Highlights): It is 3-phase generator. A separate excitation is given to alternator by DC generator ( ... under voltage protection. Over frequency under frequency protection. Over load protection. Over temperature protection 

Description : List out any four salient features of hydro generator.

Answer : Following are the salient features of a Hydro Generator (alternator):  It is 3-ph hydro generator (alternator). It is robust in construction. A separate excitation is given to ... & under frequency protection, 5. Over temperature protection are main protections provided to generator.

Description : Write important features of IC 723.

Answer : Important features of IC 723: i) It can be connected to function as a positive or negative voltage regulator with an output voltage ranging from 2V to 37V. ii) Output current can be up to 150 ... . v) Built-in short circuit protection. vi) Very low temperature drift. vii) High ripple rejection.

Description : State any two features of carbon composition resistors.

Answer : Features of Carbon composition resistance: i) Low cost ii) Wide resistance range ( ohm to mega ohm) iii) Wide range of working voltage iv) Simple in construction 

Description : Explain the concept of initial and final conditions in switching circuits for elements R and L. 

Answer : Concept of Initial and final condition in switching circuits for R:  Consider a resistor is connected to a voltage source, using a switch as shown in fig below The switch is closed ... of value Io in parallel with short circuit.(I0 is the current in inductor just before switching)

Description : Function of OR Gate its logical symbol and truth table.

Answer : Function: - OR gate is used to perform logical addition. So used in adder subtractor and logic circuits where logical Oring is required. Used to implement SOP form equations. Also used in PLA logic. Logical symbol of OR gate :- Truth table:- 

Description : Sketch symbol of NAND gate and NOR gate.

Answer : Symbol of NAND gate and NOR gate

Description : What does the AND gate do?

Answer : AND gate multiple two inputs. If any one input is zero output will be zero if both inputs are one then only output is one.

Description : Circuits with XL Alone

Answer : Circuits with XL Alone X L values in series let two inductive reactances X L 1 and X L 2 are connected in series and has value 50 ohm and 50 ohm respectively. 100 volts A C ... phasor. And it is taken horizontal. Phase angle between inductive current and voltage is same 90 degree.

Description : AC Circuits with Resistance but No Reactance

Answer : AC Circuits with Resistance but No Reactance AC Circuits with Resistance but No Reactance Series resistances let two resistances R 1 and R 2 are connected in series as shows in figure and there ... voltage. Voltage V A is common to both the branch hence voltage V A is common reference.

Description : GATE 2020 syllabus electrical engineering

Answer : EE: Electrical Engineering Section 1: Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra: Matrix Algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors. Calculus: Mean value theorems, Theorems of ... to dc converters, Single phase and three phase inverters, Sinusoidal pulse width modulation.

Description : What is the propagation delay of a logic gate?

Answer : The application input pulse and the occurrence of resulting output pulse is called propagation delay of logic gate.

Description : What is the purpose of a NAND gate?

Answer : Nand gate has 2 inputs and only 1 output and it is equivalent of an and gate. The output of a nand gate is high(1) only when anyone or both inputs are low(0).and the output of nand gate is low(0) only when both the inputs are high(1).nand gate is also called as universal gate.

Description : What is an inverter gate?

Answer : Not gate is known as inverter gate as it inverts the I/P

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