Explain switching model of MOSFET.
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Description : Explain series switching control of AC load. Single phase resistance load - Integral half cycle control Phase control - Resistance load

Description : Explain space vector transformation and space vector switching with the help of diagram. What are the advantages of SVM?

Description : Draw construction of SCR using two transistor model. Explain its operation.

Answer : Two Transistor Model of SCR or Thyristor

Description : Explain the concept of initial and final conditions in switching for L and C.

Answer : i) Inductor: The current through an inductor cannot change instantly. If the inductor current is zero just before switching, then whatever may be the applied voltage, just after switching the inductor ... open-circuit.  The initial and final conditions are summarized in following table:

Description : Explain MOSFET gate drive circuit and totem pole configuration.

Answer : MOSFET gate drive circuit: The turning on and turning off of MOSFET can be controlled from gate to source voltage signal. If the gate to source voltage of MOSFET exceeds threshold ... this configuration, the two switches (transistors) are used in totem pole arrangement with a comparator.