Explain the significance of over modulation.

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Description : i) State the significance of modulation index in AM transmission. ii) Explain the effect of modulation index on AM wave with waveforms.

Answer : Significance of modulation index in AM transmission  It is used to determine the strength and quality of transmitted signal. If the modulation index is small, then the amount of variation in ... amplitude part of its information is lost in the process of modulation which is undesirable.

Description : Explain the pulse width modulation technique for control of AC output voltage.

Description : Explain significance and purpose of electrical measurement system.

Answer : ➢ Significance of Electrical Measurement System  1. The measurement is required for measurement of all physical quantities for e.g speed, velocity, temperature, pressure etc.  2. All electrical ... 4. These standards and references may changes time to time, area to area person to person 

Description : Define measurement and state the significance of electrical measurement system.

Answer : Measurement: Measurement is essentially a process in which magnitude of a quantity is determined in comparison with another similar quantity with significant units. OR The measurement of a given ... x) The measurement conforms the validity of hypothesis and also adds to its understanding.

Description : State the significance of term measurement. 

Answer : Measurement is the quantitative comparison between unknown quantities with known standard. For doing this process there is need of physical device, called as measuring instrument. The measurement confirms the validity of the hypothesis and also adds to its understanding.