Explain the electrical characteristics of transformer.

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Transformer electrical characteristics:

Area of primary and secondary conductors, Apri and Asec:

Winding loss Pw:

Flux density and core loss:

Leakage inductance:

Rated power:

Load losses:

Rated voltage:



Short circuit current:

No load current:

Effect of a rise in temperature on transformer:

High-efficiency transformer has a low rise in temperature while low-efficiency transformer has high rise in temperature. Temperature rise affects the transformer span. The rise in temperature may breakdown insulation which may cause failure of the transformer.

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Answer : The efficiency of transformer is Greater than electrical Machine because there is no rotational losses in transformer and there is no air gap losses in transformer so losses is less in transformer compare to electrical machine so efficiency is higher in case of transformer.

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Answer : Which of the following does not show non-linear V-I characteristics? (A) Schottky diode (B) Tunnel diode (C) Thermistor, at a fixed temperature (D) p-n Junction diode.

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Answer : Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) Conventional Thyristor can be turned on with gate terminal but can not turn off from gate terminal. But in case of Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO), we can turn it on and off ... subdivided as storage period (Ts), fall period (Tp) and tail period (Tt).

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Answer : Characteristics of core type transformer: i) It has one window. ii) It has one magnetic circuit. iii) Core surrounds the winding. iv) Average length of core is more. v) Area of cross ... Better cooling for winding. vii) Mechnical strength is comparatively less. viii) Repair and maintenance is easy.

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Answer : Working principle of DC generator: * Working principle of DC generator is the principle of dynamically induced emf or electromagnetic induction. * According to this principle, when flux is cut by a conductor, an ... , the flux is cut by the armature winding and an emf is dynamically induced in it. 

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Answer : Following are requirements of conductor:- i) High conductivity :  Material should have high conductivity, So that * cross section of conductor (size) reduces, * Copper losses reduces, * So Efficiency ... . Boiling point is 1820°C 9. Specific gravity is 2.7 10. High resistance to corrosion. 

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Answer : Design constraints of transformer design: Core loss, flux density, copper loss and total power loss vs flux density these are the basic constraints in transformer design. Core loss: Flux density: Copper loss: Total power loss vs flux density:

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Answer : No, Transformer cannot convert AC to DC.

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Answer : Electrical Measuring Instruments

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Answer : EE: Electrical Engineering Section 1: Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra: Matrix Algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors. Calculus: Mean value theorems, Theorems of ... to dc converters, Single phase and three phase inverters, Sinusoidal pulse width modulation.

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Answer : 1. Type: Top loading / Front loading type 2. Capacity range: 6kg to 15kg 3. Motor Used: Induction motor 4. Input voltage: 100V- 240V 5. Power: in 1200W / Output power 100–400W{can go upto 1000W) 6. Efficiency: Max efficiency 31% 7. Wattage: 2.100-2.400 W 8. Current: 13A 9. Frequency: 50hz

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Answer : Supply voltage: 220 volts,50 Hz. Single phase A.C. Power consumption: 1300 W approx.(power consumption vary as manufacturer from500W to 1500W) Microwave power: 700 w-850 W Microwave frequency: 2450 ... ) Timer: 60 min. - 90 min(timer can also varied) Control: Soft/one touch control

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Answer : Safety tools used in industry for electrical wiring : 1) Hand gloves 2) Goggles 3) Rubber mats 4) Fire extinguishers 5) Danger notice plates 6) Search lights 7) Safety shoes or Gumboots 8) Ear plugs ... belts 13) Safety mask 14) Fire buckets 15) First aid box 16) Insulating stick or discharge rod

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Answer : Electrical Noise:- It can be defined as undesirable electrical signals, which distort or interfere with an original (or desired) signal.  Types of noises:- 

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Answer : Following Main Electrical Equipment used in HPS & their function: 1. Alternator 2. Exciter 3. Transformer 4. Switchgear   Function :  1) Alternator:- Alternator is coupled to ... part from the healthy section. It contains circuit breaker, relays, switches and other control devices.  

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