Why is voltage increases before transmission?
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Description : Transmission efficiency of a transmission line increases with the

Answer : Transmission efficiency of a transmission line increases with the increase in power factor and voltage

Description : What is meant by extra high voltage transmission?

Answer : HT & LT  two types transmission in industrial line 

Description : Why high voltage is used in power transmission?

Answer : The primary reason that power is transmitted at high voltages is to increase efficiency. ... The lower current that accompanies high voltage transmissionreduces resistance in the conductors aselectricity flows ... This means that thin, light-weight wires can beused in long-distance transmission.

Description : Why does the speed of a DC shunt motor decrease as the load increases?

Answer : Because if the load is increasing then the torque must also be increase. If not then the speed of motor will decrease.

Description : Why transmission voltages are high?

Answer : If current is high then I2R losses will be more .If I2R losses is more then heat generated is more. By heat or increasing temperature resistance will also be increase which will decrease ... voltage we are decreasing current which is advantageous. That's why transmission voltages is high.