What is meant by extra high voltage transmission?
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Answer :

HT & LTĀ  two types transmission in industrial lineĀ 
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Description : High voltage transmission lines use (a) suspension insulators (b) pin insulators (c) both (a) and (b) (d) none of the above

Answer : (a) suspension insulators

Description : Most of the high voltage transmission lines in India are (a) underground (b) overhead (c) either of the above (d) none of the above

Answer : (b) overhead

Description : Low voltage cables are meant for use up to (a)l.lkV (b)3.3kV (c)6.6kV (d)llkV

Description : The voltage drop, for constant voltage transmission is compensated by installing (a) inductors (b) capacitors (c) synchronous motors (d) all of above (e) none of the above

Answer : (c) synchronous motors

Description : For transmission of power over a distance of 500 km, the transmission voltage should be in the range (a) 150 to 220 kV (b) 100 to 120 kV (c) 60 to 100 kV (d) 20 to 50 kV

Answer : (a) 150 to 220 kV