How can a magnetic field be used to generate an electric current?
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Magnetic  field  can  be  used  to  generate  electric  current  on  a  condition  that  it  is  on  a  rate  of  changing  magnetic  flux.  (Faraday's  law)
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Answer : To avoid the effect of stray magnetic field in A.C. bridges we can use magnetic screening.

Description : Can the electric field between two positive charges be zero?

Answer : It  can  only  if  they  have  equal  charges.

Description : Derive an expression for energy stored in a magnetic field . 

Answer : Expression for energy stored in a magnetic field: The energy is stored in magnetic field when current increases and return back when the current decreases. At instant t' seconds after closer of switch ... energy absorbed by the magnetic field when current increases from 0 to I amperes 

Description : What arc the errors occurring in measuring devices due to stray magnetic field and temp '? Explain how to compensate them.

Answer : 1. Error due to stray magnetic fields-   Main magnetic field gets disturbed by external magnetic fields known as stray magnetic fields.  2. Compensation technique   To avoid this error, ... resistance alloy having a negligible resistance temp coefficient in the ratio of 1:10 for pressure coil 

Description : Why does the magnetic field flow from north to south?