Why is electromagnetism so important?


Description : How is electromagnetism used today?

Answer : The base of electrical engineering is electromagnetism. You found electromagnetism everywhere in a electrical devices around you.

Description : Why digital signal processing is important?

Answer : Power quality is important because the electrical appliances will works better and will be safer and less loss in energy. Low energy waste and improves stability of power system .

Description : why vlsi is important in modern days ?

Answer : Because the use of VLSI is increasing in modern days. Technology is getting advanced day by day. More and more features are adding in small chips.

Description : Important Abbreviations

Answer : Important Abbreviations Abbreviations are extremely important to learn. You need to use abbreviations in your daily communication models. However, it is also important to update yourself with respect to ... Atomic Research Centre 44. BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation 45. BC - Before Christ

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