How is electromagnetism used today?
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Answer :

The base of electrical engineering is electromagnetism. You found electromagnetism everywhere in a electrical devices around you.
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Description : Why is electromagnetism so important?

Description : How can a magnetic field be used to generate an electric current?

Answer : Magnetic  field  can  be  used  to  generate  electric  current  on  a  condition  that  it  is  on  a  rate  of  changing  magnetic  flux.  (Faraday's  law)

Description : What are the electromagnetic waves used in remote control?

Description : Define: (i) Electromagnetism (ii) Magnetic flux.

Answer : i)Electromagnetism : It is the magnetism generated by electricity. OR  It is defined as the phenomenon associated with electric and magnetic fields and their interactions with each other. ii) Magnetic flux : The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called magnetic flux.

Description : Gauss' law of electricity, Gauss' law of magnetism, Faraday's law of induction, and Amperes' law form the basic equations of electromagnetism. This combination is collectively known as: w) Coulomb's equations x) Volta's equations y) Fermi's equations z) Maxwell's equations