How is electromagnetism used today?

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The base of electrical engineering is electromagnetism. You found electromagnetism everywhere in a electrical devices around you.
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Answer : Magnetic  field  can  be  used  to  generate  electric  current  on  a  condition  that  it  is  on  a  rate  of  changing  magnetic  flux.  (Faraday's  law)

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Description : Define: (i) Electromagnetism (ii) Magnetic flux.

Answer : i)Electromagnetism : It is the magnetism generated by electricity. OR  It is defined as the phenomenon associated with electric and magnetic fields and their interactions with each other. ii) Magnetic flux : The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called magnetic flux.

Description : Gauss' law of electricity, Gauss' law of magnetism, Faraday's law of induction, and Amperes' law form the basic equations of electromagnetism. This combination is collectively known as: w) Coulomb's equations x) Volta's equations y) Fermi's equations z) Maxwell's equations


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Answer : (d) All of the above. 

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Answer : The rms value of the current in a wire which carries a d.c. current of 10 A and a sinusoidal alternating current of peak value 20 A is 17.32 A

Description : The inductance of a long solenoid of length 1000 mm wound uniformly with 3000 turns on a cylindrical paper tube of 60 mm diameter is  (A) 3.2 µH (B) 3.2 mH (C) 32.0 mH (D) 3.2 H

Answer : The inductance of a long solenoid of length 1000 mm wound uniformly with 3000 turns on a cylindrical paper tube of 60 mm diameter is 32.0 mH

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Answer : (a) Value for their money ;

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Answer : Correct Answer: d. Democrat and Republican.

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Answer : D) All the above 

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Answer : Answer : 1. Goa 2. HClO4 3. April, 1987 4. Over felling 5. Rani of Jhansi 6. Shane Warne 7. Process of habitat loss 8. Article 40 9. 30 percent 10. Sarojini Naidu 11. Rectifier 12. P.R. Ramesh ... 14. 150 to 400 15. Protest against Rowlatt Act 16. Red pandas 17. 73rd 18. Cracking 19. 204 20. Rajgir

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Answer : C) Total age of 10 members , 3 yrs ago = (34*10)yrs = 340 yrs Total age of 10 members now = (340 +3*10) =370yrs Total age of 11 members now = (34*11)yrs =374yrs Therefore age of the baby= 374 – 370 =4yrs.

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Answer : USA ( Arizona )

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Answer : Half life = 10days  The formula which is, 1/(2)^n × original weight = Weight left today.  To obtain the value of n = divide no of days by half life ie.,n= 40/10= 4 n=4 So, 1/(2)^n × original Weight = 125g 1/(2)^4 × Original weight = 125 Original weight = 16×125 = 2000g

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