What is considered telecommunication equipment?
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Description : What are examples of telecommunication devices?

Description : What are the different types of telecommunication systems?

Description : What exercise equipment for the home to choose?

Answer : One of the most rapidly developing areas of the fitness industry can be safely called the manufacture of exercise equipment intended for home use. What are the common reasons for people to buy ... before your eyes. Only action combined with a good mood will help you achieve sustainable results.

Description : What are the main electrical equipment used in HPS ? State the function of each parts of it in brief. 

Answer : Following Main Electrical Equipment used in HPS & their function: 1. Alternator 2. Exciter 3. Transformer 4. Switchgear   Function :  1) Alternator:- Alternator is coupled to ... part from the healthy section. It contains circuit breaker, relays, switches and other control devices.  

Description : What equipment is used to measure voltage?

Answer : Voltmeter is used to measure voltage.