What are examples of telecommunication devices?
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Description : What are the different types of telecommunication systems?

Description : What is considered telecommunication equipment?

Description : What Are Input & Output Devices?

Answer : Answer :Keyboards, Floppy disk are the examples of input devices. Printer, LED / LCD display, CRT Monitor are the examples of output devices.

Description : What arc the errors occurring in measuring devices due to stray magnetic field and temp '? Explain how to compensate them.

Answer : 1. Error due to stray magnetic fields-   Main magnetic field gets disturbed by external magnetic fields known as stray magnetic fields.  2. Compensation technique   To avoid this error, ... resistance alloy having a negligible resistance temp coefficient in the ratio of 1:10 for pressure coil 

Description : What is mean by power switching devices?

Answer : Power switching devices means like BJT, power MOSFET, SCR, TRIAC, GTO etc.