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What are the applications of electronics?

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Answer :

There are so many applications of Electronics and it is increasing day by day. Electronics is related to low voltage and current. Electronics involve the operation of transistor capacitor inductor resistors chips etc. Electronics component are used for daily life uses like digital watch mobile phone charger automatic washing machine circuit automatic cooking machine circuit hand watch there are too many users of Electronics and they are increasing day by day.
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Answer :

Main application of  electronics is switching 
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Answer :

Applications of electronics are as follows: a) Communication and entertainment: Telephony, Telegraphy b) Instrumentation & control: CRO, function generator, power supply, digital multimeter, SCR to control motor speed, control circuits used electronic components etc. c) Defence: Radar, aeroplanes, ships, underwater robots etc. d) Education: computer, LCD, printer etc. e) Machine: Many medical equipment like EEG, MRI, ECG, X-RAY, sonography machines etc

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