What is the electrical instrumentation?
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Description : Draw block diagram of instrumentation system. State function.

Answer : Primary transducer: The sensor which comes in contact with the measurement medium to sense the quantity. Variable conversion element: the transducer which converts the sensor ... transmitted through suitable transmission medium to the operator or presented with the help of indicators.

Description : What is electrical instruments?

Answer : The electrical power to a meggar is provided by permanent magnet D.C. generator.

Description : What are the test and measuring instrument required in an Electrical depots?

Answer : Ans. Following are the test and measuring instruments required in an Electrical depots. a. Test lamp b. Line Tester c. Continuity tester d. Volt meter e. Ammeter f. Earth megger g. Megger h. Lux meter i. Power analyzer j. Infrared thermometer

Description : What is the advantage of AC over DC electrical transmission?