What do you mean by secondary instruments?
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Answer :

The instruments which will give the direct readings are called secondary instruments
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Description : State the meaning of secondary instrument. Classify secondary instruments.

Answer : Secondary instruments: - Gives reading directly of the quantity being measured. - Calibrated with respect to absolute instruments  Classification of Secondary instruments:  1. Depending on the ... on permissible error: i) Standard meters ii) Substandard meters iii) First grade instruments.

Description : Compare primary and secondary instruments.

Answer : Primary instruments  Secondary instruments  Gives magnitude of quantity in terms of physical constants of instrument  Gives reading directly of the quantity measured.  Need no calibration  ... .  e.g. magnetic meter, induction meter, hotwire meter and electrostatic meter 

Answer : In the majority of instruments, damping is provided by eddy currents.

Description : What is electrical instruments?

Description : Permanent magnet moving coil instruments are used for

Answer : PMME are mostly used for measuring voltage and current.