What does a substation do?
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Answer :

At  the  substations,  power  is  boosted  up  for  long  distance  transmission.
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Description : What is the purpose of auxiliary controller in substation?

Answer : The systems of substation auxiliaries ensure operation of substations providing internal consumers of substations with operating direct and alternating currents. Any breakdown (loss) of auxiliary systems ... whole substation, as well as serious problems during its subsequent putting into operation.

Description : State the condition for selecting site for distribution substation. 

Answer : Following condition should be considered while selecting site for distribution sub-station:-  1. Near load center :  Sub-station should be located near load center to reduce cost of Transmission and ... free from earthquake :  To avoid damage to sub-station area should be free earth quake. 

Description : State the classification of distribution substation. 

Answer : The classification of distribution substation. 1. Pole mounted distribution substation 2. Plinth mounted distribution substation 3. Compact/prefabricated distribution substation 4. ... Indoor distribution substation 6. Outdoor distribution substation 7. Mobile distribution substation 

Description : Classification of Substation According to Method of Construction

Answer : Classification of Substation According to Method of Construction:- 1. Indoor Substation 2. Outdoor Substation 3. Gas insulated Substation 4. Underground Substation 5. Pole mounted substation 6. Plinth Substation 7. Compact/prefabricated substation

Description : Isolator in substation is open under ___________ condition?  (A) No load (B) Short circuit (C) Full load (D) None of the above

Answer : no load