Is electricity generated in AC or DC?
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Answer :

Electricity   is  generated  in  AC.
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Description : Is it AC or DC electricity in the home?

Answer : Obviously its A.C

Description : List at least two examples that show how static electricity can be generated.

Answer : Examples of how static electricity can be generated include combing your hair, walking across a carpeted room, or sliding two pieces of plastic across each other.

Answer : Electricity is generated at electrical power generation station.

Description : Do you think is DC better than AC to transmit energy?

Answer : In Long distance DC transmission will be better in cost. It requires more equipments for flexiblity In short distance AC transmission is better in  cost. It is more Flexible

Description : Explain how sinusoidal AC voltage is generated by using simple one loop generator.

Answer : An electric current produced by means of electrical machine is known as generator which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. When conductor cuts the magnetic flux, emf induced in it. (Faraday' ... upon position of armature. The nature of emf is alternating as shown by the waveform.