What are the types of power generation?
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Description : What is the power generation?

Description : Power generation cost reduces as (A) Diversity factor increases and load factor decreases. (B) Diversity factor decreases and load factor increases. (C) Both diversity factor and load factor increase. (D) Both diversity factor and load factor decrease

Answer : Power generation cost reduces as Both diversity factor and load factor increase.

Description : List any two types of fuels used in electrical power generation plants.

Answer : Types of fuels used in electrical power generation plants:  1) Solid fuels: Coal, Biomass: Wood, Nuclear fuel: Uranium, Plutonium  2) Liquid fuels: Diesel, Petrol  3) Gaseous Fuels: Natural gas, Producer ... 2) Wood 3) Uranium 4) Plutonium 5) Diesel 6) Petrol 7) Natural gas 8) Producer gas

Description : What is electric power generation transmission and distribution?

Answer : Generation: it wrong word at here.because it is no generation it is conversion of one form of energy into electrical form.it may by using any type of energy. Transmission is just to ... place to other by providing some modifications And distribution means use of this energy for any purpose.

Description : State the different methods of Power Generation adopted in India. 

Answer : 1. Hydro energy or hydro Electric power plant  2. Nuclear energy or nuclear Power Plant  3. Fossil fuels: i) Thermal energy (by combustion of coal) or Thermal Power Plant ii) Natural gas ... from any organic waste materials. It contains mixture of methane(50-65 % in volume) and carbon dioxide