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What is the difference between AC and DC drive?

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1 Answer

Answer :

AC means alternating current

It's Frequency is 50hz

Dc means direct current

ItsI Frequency is 0Hz
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Description : What is the difference between an AC and DC generator?

Last Answer : The generator which generates DC voltage is called DC generator and generator which generates AC voltage is called AC generator (or) Alternator. In DC generator armature is rotated and field winding ... generator. A DC generator can generate low voltages but an AC generator can generate upto 11kv.

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Description : Distinguish between AC and DC.

Last Answer : Particulars Direct Current Alternating Current Definition It is the current whose magnitude and direction do not change with respect to time. It is the current whose ... system, electroplating, Battery charging, Traction. AC machines, Domestic and industrial supply.

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Description : Describe the difference between direct and alternating current.

Last Answer : Direct current is the flow of electricity or charge in one direction..  Alternative current is the flow of charge that doesn't flow in one direction. 

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Description : What is the use of AC and DC drives?

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Description : what is the difference between AC and DC current ?

Last Answer : AC is generated using Alternator. DC is generated using DC generator. AC changes its direction periodically. DC do not change its direction periodically. AC have non zero frequency. DC have zero ... Power factor of AC is between 0 and 1. But power factor of DC is always 1.

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