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What is an electric motor drive?

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1 Answer

Answer :

An electric drive is a complex electromechanical system that drives various actuators in industrial and industrial work machines. In this case, control is carried out using a technological process. Further development of this component has led to the fact that the electric motor drive is used in various household appliances, as well as in cars and various life support systems.

What does an electric drive consist of?

The components of this device include the following:

executive agency;

control action;

mechanical / electromechanical / electrical converter;


Such a functional diagram led to the development of a specialized device, the parts of which can be divided into three main groups:

drive control system;

mechanical part;

an electric drive with an open loop control system.

What is the classification of the drive?

The device in question is so multifunctional that its classification includes six groups and twenty-one subgroups. Among the most basic are:

AC / DC electric drive;

equipment with rotary motion, linear motors and moving parts;

automated electric drive for automatic regulation control.

Thus, this simple device has found application in many areas of modern life.

How is the kinematic and preliminary calculation carried out?

To use the described device, it is often necessary to correctly calculate the drive , which allows you to select the required model. As a rule, such a procedure is performed by specialists in the field of electrophysical communications, who have the necessary qualifications and access to work with the equipment. With the help of the "techie", a rigorous calculation of the kinematic and load characteristics of the electric drive is carried out.
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