What is a servo motor and how does it work?
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Answer :

It is a simple electrical motor that is operated by AC or DC signal in order to provide a precise angular motion for a given electrical signal.
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Description : State working principle and applications of servo motor.

Answer : Working Principle of Servo Motor: Basically servo motor is made up of DC motor, which is controlled by a potentiometer and some gears. Its angle of rotation is controlled by the duration of ... Packaging 6) Woodworking 7) Textiles 8) Printing 9) Robotics 10) Portable drilling 11)Process control 

Description : Ratio of the rotor reactance X to the rotor resistance R for a two-phase servo motor (A) is equal to that of a normal induction motor (B) is less than that of a normal induction motor (C) ... than that of a normal induction motor (D) may be less or greater than that of a normal induction motor

Answer : C

Description : How does a single phase induction motor work?

Answer : As we know that single phase induction is not self started because for self started we require atleast two revolving field but single phase induction motor has only one. So we provide extra ... 1phase IM classified as split phase IM, capacitor start capacitor run, capacitor start induction run.

Description : How does a PSC motor work?

Description : What is the job of a servo in a transmission?

Answer : servo motor use in many types mechanism so its verius type of transmission wich type you need to know