What do you mean by Computer Architecture and Organization?
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Description : What is the meaning of computer system organization?

Description : What is the meaning of computer organization?

Description : Write the syntax of entity and architecture used in VHDL and explain it.

Answer : Entity declaration: It defines the names. Input output signals and modes of a hardware module. Also it provides the external interface of an entity. It is a black box view. Syntax ... _name of entity_ name  Architecture_ declaration_ name;  begin  Statement;  end architecture_ name;

Description : Describe the various blocks and their functions in pipelined ADC architecture.

Description : State feature of 4G wireless Architecture

Answer : Features of 4G: 1.Faster and more reliable data rates than 100 Mb/s 2. It has a Low cost in comparison to other generations (1G, 2G, 3G networks) 3. It supports Bluetooth, Wi ... packet-switched networks. 7. They have high internet speeds. 8. Provide global mobility and service portability.