Which subjects are there in computer engineering?

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Description : What is better computer engineering or software engineering?

Answer : Computer Engineering have many parts in which one is software engineering, if your interest in software development then choose software engineering

Description : What is difference between computer engineering and computer science?

Description : What computer engineering is all about?

Description : Which was the first electronic computer constructed at the Moore School of Engineering ‘? (1) EOVAC (2) ONIVAC (3) ENIAC (4) EDSAC

Answer : ENIAC

Description : Write short notes on fire extinguishing methods adopted in electrical engineering. 

Answer : Stand 6 to 8 feet away from the fire and follow the four-step PASS procedure. If the fire does not begin to go out immediately, leave the area at once. Always be sure ... fire causing the particles to expand chemically inhibiting combustion and expelling the oxygen thereby smothering the flames. 

Description : GATE 2020 syllabus electrical engineering

Answer : EE: Electrical Engineering Section 1: Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra: Matrix Algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors. Calculus: Mean value theorems, Theorems of ... to dc converters, Single phase and three phase inverters, Sinusoidal pulse width modulation.

Description : Electrical engineering

Answer :

Description : Electrical Engineering Android APP

Answer : Electrical Engineering Useful Android Apps 1. Electrical Engineering 2. Electrical Engineering Symbols https:/ ... SHARE THIS USEFUL APPS

Description : 1.Determine the permeability of magnetic material by plotting its BH curve 2. Measure voltage, current and power in 1-phase circuit with resistive load. 3. Measure voltage, current and ... .Make Star and Delta connection in induction motor starters and measure the line and phase values.

Answer : Practical no. 6 Aim: Make Star and Delta connection in induction motor starters and measure the line and phase values. Apparatus required:  voltmeter, ammeter, induction motor Circuit diagram ... Result: Hence we have measured the line and phase value of star and delta connection.

Description : What is the meaning of Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Description : What is Electronic Systems Engineering?

Description : What is clickjacking ? (1) Malicious technique of tricking Web usear into revealing confidential information (2) A device that sends and receives data in a bit second (3) A form of Computer Engineering (4) A digital process that is used to display an image on monitor

Answer : Malicious technique of tricking Web usear into revealing confidential information

Description : What is a ROM in a computer? A) Random Open Memory B) Read Only Memory C) Random Only Memory D) None of these

Answer : What is a ROM in a computer? A) Random Open Memory B) Read Only Memory C) Random Only Memory D) None of these

Description : The process of a computer receiving information from a server via Internet is known as:  (A) Uploading (B) Retrieving (C) Downloading (D) All of the above

Answer : The process of a computer receiving information from a server via Internet is known as: Downloading 

Description : What are the places in which a computer can be used?

Answer : A.Computers can be used in many places like schools, offices, airports, hospitals etc.

Description : Which of the following are valid phases of a computer virus? (1) Only Triggering, Executing (2) Only Propagation, Executing (3) Only Dormant, Propagation, Triggering, Executing (4) Only Dormant, Propagation, Triggering

Answer :  Only Dormant, Propagation, Triggering, Executing

Description : Consider the following statements: A. Adam Osborne produced the first portable computer. B. Ian Wilmut created the cloned sheep. Which of the statements given above is (are) correct ? (1) A only (2) B only (3) Both A and B (4) Neither (A) nor (B)

Answer : Both A and B

Description : In Windows, Icons such as Add/ Remove programs, Add New Hardware, Modems etc.; are found in : (1) Task Bar (2) Control Panel (3) Network Neighbourhood (4) My Computer

Answer : Control Panel

Description : What are the uses of computer?

Answer : A.Computers can be used to play games,watch movies and videos,listen to music,solve sums,store a large number of information and data etc.

Description : ‘IC-Chips’ for computer are usually made of (1) Silicon (2) Lead (3) Chromium (4) Gold

Answer : Silicon

Description : Where are programs and data to be used by the computer available? (1) Processing Unit (2) Output (3) Storage (4) Input

Answer : Storage

Description : What are the main components of a computer system?

Answer : CPU,monitor, keyboard and mouse

Description : Which of the following is used to protect objects in computer system, in the absence of more complete protection schemes? (1) digital certificate (2) digital signature (3) passwords (4) tokens

Answer : passwords

Description : In a computer system, which device is functionally opposite of a Key-board ? (1) Trackball (2) Joystick (3) Mouse (4) Printer

Answer : Printer

Description : Which component is mainly responsible for doing calculation in computer ? (1) Random access memory (2) Control unit (3) Arithmetic logic unit (4) Hard disk

Answer : Arithmetic logic unit

Description : The new technology which is emerging in the field of computer is (1) IC-technology (2) Parallel processing system (3) Semiconductor technology (4) Transistor technology

Answer : Transistor technology

Description : Which one of the following is used as secondary storage system in computer ? (1) RAM (2) Floppy (3) EPROM (4) ROM

Answer : Floppy

Description : A type of internet account, in which the computer is not connected directly to the net. (1) Shell Account (2) Kernel Account (3) Server Account (4) TCP/IP Account

Answer :  TCP/IP Account

Description : Which among the following is a distinctive feature by which a CD ROM drive is classified in a personal computer ? (1) Software bundle (2) Data transfer rate (3) Memory capacity (4) Storage period

Answer : Data transfer rate

Description : Which of the following manages the computer resources ? (1) Boot (2) Programmes (3) Texts (4) Exit

Answer : Programmes

Description : Which mechanism is used by the computer virus ‘worm’ to duplicate itself? (1) Swap (2) Increment (3) Spawn (4) Swarm

Answer : Spawn

Description : Which among the following is the name given to the cursor for the computer language ‘LOGO’? (1) Robot (2) Frog (3) Spider (4) Turtle

Answer : Turtle

Description : Which of the following computer memories is non-volatile ? (1) DRAM (2) SRAM (3) ROM (4) RAM

Answer : ROM

Description : Which of the following is used as a primary memory of computer ? (1) Optical storge device (2) Magnetic storage device (3) RAM (4) Magneto-Optical storage device

Answer : RAM

Description : Which is not an extension of a picture file on a computer ? (1) .jpeg (2) .png (3) .gif (4) .mdb

Answer : .mdb 

Description : A Supercomputer would be used for which one of the following applications ? (1) Business Computing (2) Desktop Publishing (3) Weather Forecasting (4) Computer Aided Designing

Answer : Weather Forecasting

Description : To find and load a file that has been saved on a computer, which of the given options is used ? (1) Select the close command (2) Select the new command (3) Select the save command (4) Select the open command

Answer :  Select the open command

Description : Which was the first super computer purchased by India for medium range weather forecasting? (1) CrayXMP-14 (2) Medha - 930 (3) CDC Cyber 930-11 (4) Param 

Answer : CrayXMP-14

Description : Which command is not used to switch off the computer ? (1) Turn off (2) Log off (3) Shut Down (4) Hibernate

Answer : Hibernate

Description : A place through which, data can enter or leave a computer is called (1) bus (2) dock (3) mouse (4) port

Answer : port

Description : Which of the following is not a computer network? (1) Wide area network (2) Local area network (3) Personal network (4) Metropolitan area network

Answer : Personal network

Description : Which one of the following companies announced sometime back the launch of India’s first personal computer with one terabyte hard drive capacity? (1) Infosys Technologies (2) Wipro (3) HCL Infosystems (4) IBM

Answer :  HCL Infosystems

Description : How many types of recipients are there in an e-mail system? (1) Three (2) Four (3) One (4) Two

Answer : Three

Description : A battery of e.m.f. 12V supplies a current of 5A for 2 minutes. How much energy is supplied in this time?

Description : Explain the sources of air leakage in condenser.

Answer : Sources of air leakage in condenser 1. Air leak through joints and packing. Air leaks into condenser as pressure inside falls below atmospheric pressure. 2. Air also comes in condenser with the steam. ... separated at low pressure in the condenser 4. Air leaks if any bypass seal is broken.

Description : There are 7 periods in each working day of a college. In how many ways can one organize 6 subjects such that each subject is allowed at least one period? A) 33200 B) 15120 C) 10800 D) 43600

Answer : Answer: B)  6 subjects can be arranged in periods in 7P6 ways.  Remaining 1 period can be arranged in 6P1 ways.  Two subjects are alike in each of the arrangement. So we need to divide by 2! to avoid over counting. ... of arrangements = (7P6 x 6P1)/2!  = 5040 6 / 2 = 30240 / 2 = 15120

Description : V1=?? V2=?? V3=?? 

Description : Refer to the circuit below. The total absorbed (consumed) power is:

Description : الرجوع إلى الدائرة أدناه. الطاقة التي يستهلكها العنصر E متساوية.

Answer : The power consumed the element E is equal to the  : P = V x I = 6V x 1 A = 6 W

Description : Refer to the circuit below. The voltage V2, is equal to:

Answer : The answer to this question is -3V. Because 3V is in parallel with v2 and voltages in parallel are equal. But it is in opposite direction so the answer is -3V.

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