What are oscillators in technical analysis?
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Description : Why feedback is required in oscillators?

Description : What is DC analysis of a circuit?

Description : Explain following techniques related to energy conservation in transmission and distribution system. (i) By balancing phase currents (ii) Variable technical losses (I2R losses).

Answer : (i) Balancing Phase currents: Proper (healthy balanced) three phase loads always draw equal currents in all lines but single phase loads in the 3 phase 4 wire system or loads connected between two ... . 11) Minimize I2R losses. 12) Balance the load currents. 13) Regulate the system voltages.

Description : With reference to execution of work explain the following: i) Administrative approval ii) Technical sanctions 

Answer : Administrative approval:  When any government department requires executing a project like network addition or extension work or installation of new project. It requires necessary administrative approval ... designated by government. The sanction given by authority is called technical sanction

Description : What is mesh and nodal analysis?