What is IC 741?

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Description : What is IC 555?

Answer : Ic 555 is timer used for indicating time intervals which is settled in ic 

Description : What is the full form of IC?

Answer : Instrument circuit

Description : In a 741 Op-Amp, there is 20 dB/decade fall-off starting at a relatively low frequency. This is due to the (A) applied load (B) internal compensation (C) impedance of the source (D) power dissipation in the chip

Answer : In a 741 Op-Amp, there is 20 dB/decade fall-off starting at a relatively low frequency. This is due to the internal compensation

Description : Give different types of IC.

Answer : 1. Analog IC 2. Digital IC 3. Thin and thick film ICs 4. Monolithic ICs 5. Hybrid or multichip ICs

Description : Describe the functional pin diagram of regulator IC 78XX and 79XX.

Answer : IC 78XX: Explanation: 78XX series of IC regulators is representative of three terminal devices that are available with several fixed positive output voltages. It has three terminals labeled ... can also use 25μF aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Values given may be increased without limit. 

Description : Write important features of IC 723.

Answer : Important features of IC 723: i) It can be connected to function as a positive or negative voltage regulator with an output voltage ranging from 2V to 37V. ii) Output current can be up to 150 ... . v) Built-in short circuit protection. vi) Very low temperature drift. vii) High ripple rejection.

Description : The IC chips, used in computers, is made of  (1) Iron oxide (2) Silicon (3) Graphite (4) Silica

Answer : 2 These are made on silicon wafers which is aa semi conductor. ...

Description : what is integrated circuit ?

Answer : The integrated circuit is the semiconductor chip which has lots of small size resistors, capacitors, and transistors. There are so many applications of the integrated circuit. The different Integrated circuit ... are two types of integrated circuit one is analog or linear and second is digital.

Description : Draw pin diagram of Op-Amp IC-741.

Answer : Pin diagram of Op-Amp IC-741 :

Description : In an examination it is required to get 672 aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 70% marks and is declared failed by 126 marks. What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get? a) 780 b) 840 c) 741 d) 805 e) 983

Answer : Answer: A Difference = 672-126 = 546 According to the question, 70% of total aggregate = 546 Total aggregate marks = 546 × 100 /70  = 54600/70  = 780

Description : what are different three main IC Technologies? discuss the advantages of each of them.

Answer : The three different IC technologies are 1.Full custom VLSI2.Semi-custom ASIC3.Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)The advantages of each of them are as follows :1. Full custom VLSIAll ... Logic devices are available instantly.In PLD there is not customised logic cell or mask layer.

Description : What is a clipping circuit?

Description : What is a diode clamper circuit?

Answer : Tha faction of diode 

Description : What is the use of diode in the circuit?

Answer : Diode is a device which allows the flow of current in one direction and blocks the current in opposite direction.

Description : What is forward biased?

Description : What type of biasing is used in CE amplifier?

Description : What is emitter biasing?

Description : What do you mean by biasing of a transistor?

Description : What is a crystal oscillator?

Description : What is meant by feedback in electronics?

Description : What are oscillators in technical analysis?

Description : What is meant by 3db frequency?

Description : What do you mean by frequency response of an amplifier?

Description : What is the best frequency response?

Description : What is the frequency response of a circuit?

Description : What is the advantage of differential amplifier?

Description : What is the gain of an op amp?

Description : What is the power amplifier?

Description : What is the use of differential amplifier?

Description : What is op amp and its application?

Description : What is the use of operational amplifiers?

Description : What is the meaning of operational amplifier?

Description : What does it mean to analyze a circuit?

Description : What is DC analysis of a circuit?

Description : What is an example of an analog device?

Description : What is an analog voltage?

Description : What are the analog components?

Description : What is analog in terms of electronics?

Description : What is the difference between analog and digital electronics?

Description : What is digital and analog electronics?

Description : What is the analog circuit?

Description : The measurement of humidity is A. RH B. PH C. IC D. None of aboved

Answer : A. RH 

Description : The complete form of ‘IC’ in electronics is (1) Internal circuit (2) Independent circuit (3) Integrated circuit (4) Inbuilt circuit

Answer : Integrated circuit

Description : The new technology which is emerging in the field of computer is (1) IC-technology (2) Parallel processing system (3) Semiconductor technology (4) Transistor technology

Answer : Transistor technology

Description : ‘IC-Chips’ for computer are usually made of (1) Silicon (2) Lead (3) Chromium (4) Gold

Answer : Silicon

Description : ‘IC’ in computers stands for (1) Integrated Charge (2) Integrated Current (3) Integrated Circuits (4) Internal Circuits

Answer :  Integrated Circuits

Description : Draw a labelled pin diagram of IC-555 and state function of each pin

Answer : Pin Name Purpose 1 GND Ground reference voltage, low level (0 V)  2 TRIG The OUT pin goes high and a timing interval starts when this input falls below 1/2 of ... 8 Vcc Positive supply voltage, which is usually between 3 and 15 V depending on the variation.

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