What does it mean to analyze a circuit?
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Description : How to Analyze a Poem

Answer : How to Analyze a Poem Understanding and analyzing poetry is one of most difficult and taxing exercises in literature. A single poem can hold many different meanings for people, and there is no one correct ... these tips, you can find a deeper and more moving meaning to any good poem that you read.

Description : Analyze the effect of supply voltage on performance of LED as regards current, Lumen output, efficacy and life. 

Answer : 1) Effect on Current:- In LED current depends upon supply voltage, if voltage get changes then current also change but this change in current will be control by resistors which are connected in series.  2) ...   4) Effect on Life:- If supply voltage is not stable then life of LED get reduced. 

Answer : When the total impendance equals  supply frequency.

Description : What is a clipping circuit?

Description : What is a diode clamper circuit?

Answer : Tha faction of diode