What does BIL stand for in electrical terms?
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Answer :

BIL stands for Basic Insulation Level.
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Description : What are the test and measuring instrument required in an Electrical depots?

Answer : Ans. Following are the test and measuring instruments required in an Electrical depots. a. Test lamp b. Line Tester c. Continuity tester d. Volt meter e. Ammeter f. Earth megger g. Megger h. Lux meter i. Power analyzer j. Infrared thermometer

Description : What is the advantage of AC over DC electrical transmission?

Description : What are the main electrical equipment used in HPS ? State the function of each parts of it in brief. 

Answer : Following Main Electrical Equipment used in HPS & their function: 1. Alternator 2. Exciter 3. Transformer 4. Switchgear   Function :  1) Alternator:- Alternator is coupled to ... part from the healthy section. It contains circuit breaker, relays, switches and other control devices.  

Description : What is the function of an electrical filter ?

Answer : Filter separates different components that are mixed together. Electrical filter can separate different frequency components. Electrical filters are the electrical circuits which are use to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal.