What is a Ductor tester used for?

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Description : Earth Tester Practical

Answer : Practical Significance Earthing System or Grounding System is an electrical network work as a safety measure to protect human life as well as equipment. The main objective of the Earth testing is to ... than 5 Ohm, pour the water in funnel of earth electrode and measure the earth resistance.

Description : Draw labeled dead weight tester.

Answer : dead weight tester

Description : State how pressure measurement can be done using Dead weight tester.

Answer : The handle is fully drawn out and the oil is allowed to enter in the cylinder (i.e. gauge and piston) The weight to be measured is placed on the platform. Now the handle is turned ... of the area of the piston and the pressure indicated on the gauge is equal to the weight under measurement.

Description : State working principle of earth tester.

Answer : Earth tester:-The resistance of the earth is measured with the help of earth tester. It consists of a hand cranked type generator, the magnet poles, crossed coils and flexible spirals. It consists ... deflection of the pointer will indicate directly resistance in ohm of the earth under test.

Description : How do you use a Megger tester?