Can you apply Thevenin's theorem in an AC circuit?
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Answer :

It  can  be  applied  to  AC  circuits
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Description : Can we apply Norton's theorem in an AC circuit?

Description : Can we apply the superposition theorem to AC circuit?

Description : Write the steps for finding the current through an element by Thevenin’s theorem.

Answer : Steps to find Thevenin's equivalent circuit, taking an example is as follows:  1. From the given circuit (fig.a),Remove RL from the terminals A and B and redraw the circuit as shown in ... (fig.d)from where it was temporarily removed earlier.  Current flowing through RL is given by 

Description : State maximum power transfer theorem for DC circuit.

Answer : Maximum power transfer theorem for DC circuit: The maximum power transfer theorem states that the source or a network transfers maximum power to load only when the load resistance is equal ... removed (disconnected) ii) All internal independent sources are replaced by their internal resistances.

Description : State the Thevenin’s theorem. Also write stepwise procedure for applying Thevenin’s theorem to simple circuits.

Answer : Thevenin's Theorem: Any two terminal circuit having number of linear impedance and sources (voltage, current, dependent, independent) can be represented by a simple equivalent circuit consisting of a single voltage ... 's equivalent circuit: Step V: Determination of Load current: