What is thermal runaway of a transistor?
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Description : Describe thermal runaway of transistor and explain how it can be avoided.

Answer : Concept of thermal runaway:  1.We know that  IC = β IB + (1+ β) ICO  Where ICO is the leakage current and ICO is strongly dependent on temperature. 2. Leakage current approximately doubles for ...   Thermal runaway can be avoided by : 1) Using stabilization circuitry 2) Heat sink 

Description : Define thermal runaway.

Answer : Thermal runaway  The problem with increasing temperature causing increasing collector current is that more current increase the power dissipated by the transistor which, in turn, increases its temperature ... self-reinforcing cycle is known as thermal runaway, which may destroy the transistor. 

Description : Compare between BJT and FET on the basis of (i) Biolar/Unipolar (ii) Tharmal Runaway (iii) Noise (iv) Applications

Answer : Parameter BJT FET Bipolar/Unipolar It is bipolar device i.e. current in this device is carried by electrons and holes. It is unipolar device i.e. current ... in oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters and other measuring and testing equipment because of their high input impedance.

Description : What is meant by stabilization in transistor?

Description : What is the main use of a transistor?

Answer : Main use of a transistor as amplifier and as switch.