What are even and odd harmonics?

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Description : What are the main causes of harmonics?

Answer : Harmonic is a non linear load because linear load voltage deviated due to connection of some electrinie device such as converter,inverter

Description : Why harmonics are generated in electrical system?

Description : What is mitigation of harmonics?

Description : What is current harmonics?

Description : Why do non linear loads cause harmonics?

Description : Even at no-load, a transformer draws current from the mains. Why?

Description : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using (A) fractional-pitch windings (B) fractional-slot windings (C) integral-slot windings (D) distributed windings

Answer : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using fractional-slot windings

Description : Explain the effect of Harmonics on the Transformer.

Answer : Effect of Harmonics on the Transformer:  1. Core loss: Harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current losses in the lamination. The amount of the core loss depends on ... small core vibrations.  5. Saturation problem: Sometimes additional harmonic voltage causes core saturation.

Answer : The main reason for generation of harmonics in a transformer could be saturation of core.

Answer : Harmonics in transformer result in increased core losses, increased I2R losses, and magnetic interference with communication circuits.

Description : State the need for reduction of harmonics in inverters. Enlist the various methods for reduction of harmonics in inverter output.

Description : What is used to identify whether a data word has an odd or even number of 1’s ? (1) Carry bit (2) Sign bit (3) Zero bit (4) Parity bit

Answer : Parity bit

Description : Write a program to create two threads one thread will print even no. between 1 to 50 and other will print odd number between 1 to 50.

Answer : import java.lang.*; class Even extends Thread { public void run() { try { for(int i=2;i<=50;i=i+2) { System.out.println("\t Even thread :"+i); sleep(500); } } ... public static void main(String args[]) { new Even().start(); new Odd().start(); } }

Description : With respect to a loop in the transportation table, which one of the following is not correct? (1) Every loop has an odd no. of cells and at least 5. (2) Closed loops may or may not b square in ... starting cell, must be occupied cells. (4) Every loop has an even no. of cells and at least four.

Answer : Every loop has an odd no. of cells and at least 5.

Description : Write a shell script to accept a number from user check whether number is even or odd.

Answer : # !/usr/bin/ksh echo "Input number" read number < /dev/tty if [ $(($number % 2)) -eq0 ] then  echo "$number is even" else  echo "$number is odd" fi exit 0

Description : In star-star connection of 3-phase transformer, the triplen harmonics are suppressed by using (A) star connected tertiary windings (B) delta connected tertiary windings (C) neutral conductor (D) additional insulation for the phases 

Description : what is UPS and what are its uses?

Answer : Ups means uninterrupted power supply It supplies power when there is power supply outage. This is done by storing power in battery banks while power is on and then during power outage the DC in battery is converted to a.c by inverters

Description : What are the power quality disturbance?

Description : What are the different power quality issues?

Description : What name is given to those elementary particles for which there is a symmetry under intrapair production. Included are photons, pi mesons, and nuclei with an even number of particles. 


Description : The transition function for the language L = {w|na(w) and nb(w) are both odd} is given by: δ(q0, a)=q1 ; δ(q0, b)=q2 δ(q1, a)=q0 ; δ(q1, b)=q3 δ(q2, a)=q3 ; δ(q2, b ... the automata are: (A) q0 and q0 respectively (B) q0 and q1 respectively (C) q0 and q2 respectively (D) q0 and q3 respectively 

Answer : (D) q0 and q3 respectively

Description : In a pocket of A, the ratio of Rs.1 coins, 50p coins and 25p coins can be expressed by three consecutive odd prime numbers that are in ascending order. The total value of coins in the bag is Rs 58. If the number of Rs.1 ... of coins in the pocket of A? A) Rs 68 B) Rs 43 C) Rs 75 D) Rs 82 E) NONE

Answer : Answer: D  Since the ratio of the number of Rs. 1, 50p and 25p coins can be represented by 3 consecutive odd numbers that are prime in ascending order, the only possibility for the ratio is 3:5:7. Let the number of ... =100 7k+50 5k+25 3k=1025k (In above we find the value of k). ⇒ 8200p = Rs 82.

Description : Quality of a musical note depends on (1) Fundamental frequency (2) Amplitude of the wave (3) Harmonics present (4) Velocity of sound in the medium

Answer :  Harmonics present

Description : In order to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics on the AC side of a high voltage DC transmission system_____ are provided. (A) synchronous condensers (B) shunt capacitors (C) shunt filters (D) static compensators

Answer : In order to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics on the AC side of a high voltage DC transmission system shunt filters are provided. 

Description : Out of four cities given below three are alike in some manner while the fourth one is different. Identify the odd one (A) Lucknow (B) Rishikesh (C) Allahabad (D) Patna

Answer : Answer: A

Description : The odd numbers from 1 to 45 which are exactly divisible by 3 are arranged in an ascending order. The number at 6 th position is (A) 18 (B) 24 (C) 33 (D) 36

Answer : Answer: C

Description : What is difference between KW and KVA?

Answer : kW is kilowatt and kVA is kilovolt ampere. kW is unit of real power and kVA is unit of Apparent power.

Description : What is the difference between linear and nonlinear electrical loads?

Description : What is the difference between a blackout and brownout?

Description : What is voltage sags and swells?

Description : What food do you love that a lot of people might find a little odd?

Description : What is the use of power factor correction?

Description : What is the best power factor?

Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

Description : What is power factor angle?

Description : What is a digital power meter?

Description : What is an RF Power Meter?

Description : What causes random power outages?

Description : What is a non linear load?

Description : What is the advantage of high power factor?

Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

Description : What is meant by KVA?

Answer : KVA - kilo volt ampere  Used to specify the transformer details

Description : What is the cause of voltage fluctuation?

Description : What is power logger?

Description : What does an electric meter measure?

Description : What is harmonic in power quality?

Description : What is a power quality analyzer?

Description : What is power quality meter?

Description : What is good power quality?

Description : What is power quality monitoring?

Description : What can you do to prevent a power surge?

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