What are the main causes of harmonics?

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Harmonic is a non linear load because linear load voltage deviated due to connection of some electrinie device such as converter,inverter
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Answer : Transient is a peak voltage take small period. It will occur due to lightning

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Answer : While taking a more load from other Equipment

Answer : The main reason for generation of harmonics in a transformer could be saturation of core.

Description : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using (A) fractional-pitch windings (B) fractional-slot windings (C) integral-slot windings (D) distributed windings

Answer : Slot harmonics are reduced in induction motors by using fractional-slot windings

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Answer : Effect of Harmonics on the Transformer:  1. Core loss: Harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current losses in the lamination. The amount of the core loss depends on ... small core vibrations.  5. Saturation problem: Sometimes additional harmonic voltage causes core saturation.

Answer : Harmonics in transformer result in increased core losses, increased I2R losses, and magnetic interference with communication circuits.

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Answer : Transformer noise is generated due to vibration of core and winding this is because of magnetostriction and magnetomotive force.

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Answer : Following Main Electrical Equipment used in HPS & their function: 1. Alternator 2. Exciter 3. Transformer 4. Switchgear   Function :  1) Alternator:- Alternator is coupled to ... part from the healthy section. It contains circuit breaker, relays, switches and other control devices.  

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Answer : the main parts of the generator are as follows yoke Armature Poles field winding Prime mover  Commutator Shaft Bearings Brushes

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Answer : The main objectives in framing tariff are:  (A) The consumers must readily understand the tariffs (B) The tariff must be equitable amongst different consumers (C) Tariffs can be modified from time to time (D) All of the above

Answer : Discrimination between main and back up protection is provided by the use of relays which are slow.

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Answer : It cannot be used for motors below 20 H.P.

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Answer : Protecting  reactive  metals  from  corrosion.

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Answer : Main use of a transistor as amplifier and as switch.

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Answer : Main parts of D.C. motor and their functions:  Part Functions Yoke i) Provides mechanical support for poles. ii) Acts as protecting cover for machine. iii) Carries magnetic flux. ... a fixed physical position relative to the stator.  Shaft Used to transfer mechanical power 

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Answer : Main components of Diesel power station: 1) Diesel Engine 2) Engine Air intake system 3) Engine Fuel System 4) Engine Exhaust system 5) Engine cooling system 6) Engine Lubricating system 7) Engine Starting system 8) Diesel Engine Generator (Alternator) 

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Answer : List the main components of Reactors:  1. Core 2. Nuclear fuel (U235) 3. Moderator 4. Control Rod 5. Reflector 6. Reactor vessel 7. Shielding  

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Answer : 1. Rating of Main Switch or Fuse Rating is decided in industrial installation: Rating of main switch or fuse is based up the starting current of motor. For calculating starting current is considered 2 ... take 1.5 times the rated current or full load current. & thus cable rating is decided.

Description : The main advantage of AC over DC is:  (A) Conversion flexibility from one voltage level to other (B) AC can be easily converted into DC by using a rectifier (C) AC is easy to maintain & can be easily distributed at long distances (D) All of the above

Answer : Ac is easy to maintain and ac can be easily converted to dc by rectifier .There is no commutator for conversion in ac that's why ac machines are weight less and more efficiency.ac machines occupy less space than dc .

Answer : In main line service as compared to urban and suburban service distance between the stops is more, maximum speed reached is high, acceleration and retardation rates are low.

Answer : In split phase motor main winding is of thick wire placed at the bottom of the slots.

Answer : The main function of a fuse is to prevent excessive currents.

Answer : Main causes of noisy solenoid are strong tendency of fan out of laminations at the end caused by repulsion among magnetic lines of force, uneven bearing surface, caused by dirt or uneven wear between moving and stationary parts.

Description : In star-star connection of 3-phase transformer, the triplen harmonics are suppressed by using (A) star connected tertiary windings (B) delta connected tertiary windings (C) neutral conductor (D) additional insulation for the phases 

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Answer : Ups means uninterrupted power supply It supplies power when there is power supply outage. This is done by storing power in battery banks while power is on and then during power outage the DC in battery is converted to a.c by inverters

Description : Quality of a musical note depends on (1) Fundamental frequency (2) Amplitude of the wave (3) Harmonics present (4) Velocity of sound in the medium

Answer :  Harmonics present

Description : In order to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics on the AC side of a high voltage DC transmission system_____ are provided. (A) synchronous condensers (B) shunt capacitors (C) shunt filters (D) static compensators

Answer : In order to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics on the AC side of a high voltage DC transmission system shunt filters are provided. 

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Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

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Answer : kW is kilowatt and kVA is kilovolt ampere. kW is unit of real power and kVA is unit of Apparent power.

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Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

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Answer : KVA - kilo volt ampere  Used to specify the transformer details

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