What causes lights to dim in house?

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While taking a more load from other Equipment
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Answer : Harmonic is a non linear load because linear load voltage deviated due to connection of some electrinie device such as converter,inverter

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Answer : Transient is a peak voltage take small period. It will occur due to lightning

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Answer : If your neibour / other flat owners / your maintainer staff switch on any type of inductive load that can cause power surge / dip  

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Answer : Transformer noise is generated due to vibration of core and winding this is because of magnetostriction and magnetomotive force.

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Answer : Switching of a lamp in house produces noise in the radio. This is because switching operation produces arcs across separating contacts.

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Answer : Is it worth building a brick house? Building a private house on your own land plot is the dream of many residents of big cities. People are driven by a natural desire to spend more time ... economical enough. This is a good solution to the problem of keeping warm in the absence of tenants.

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Description : Which term is used to describe an animal which limits it's activity to periods of dim light at dawn and dusk? a) diurnal (pron: die-ER-nal) b) crepuscular (pron: kri-PUSS-kyule-ar) c) vesperal (pron: VESS-per-al) d) none of the above


Description : A patient of old standing diabetes mellitus noticed sudden muscae volitanes. On examination, the red reflex was dim, with no details of fundus could be seen. He might have: a. Non proliferative diabetic retinopathy b. Cystoid macular edema c. Vitreous hemorrhage d. Central retinal vein occlusion 

Answer : ANSWER: C 

Description : When light is traveling through a vacuum, what is the product of the light's wavelength and frequency equal to? w) speed of light x) Plank's constant y) momentum z) wave number


Description : Light houses are places with powerful lights to : (1) guide and resolve traffic jams in crowded metro-cities during nights. (2) guide and help large crowds at religious gathering during nights. (3) ... harbour during night. (4) guide and warn the ships coming from different directions in the ocean.

Answer : guide and warn the ships coming from different directions in the ocean.

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Answer :  transmit or absorb light of different colours

Description : ‘Nippon’ is the name given to Japan which means (1) land of the rising Sun (2) land of Pagodas (3) land of northern lights (4) land of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Answer : land of the rising Sun

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Description : Now-a-days yellow lamps are frequently used as street lights. Which of the following gases is used in these lamps ? (1) Sodium (2) Neon (3) Hydrogen (4) Nitrogen

Answer : Sodium

Description : Which of the following pairs of materials serves as electrodes in chargeable batteries commonly used in devices such as torch lights, electric shavers, etc. ? (1) Iron and cadmium (2) Nickel and cadmium (3) Lead peroxide and lead (4) Zinc and carbon

Answer : Nickel and cadmium

Description : Which type of mirror is used in the head lights of vehicles ? (1) Plane mirror (2) Concave mirror (3) Convex mirror (4) Parabolic mirror

Answer : Concave mirror

Description : IOT devices are various types, for instance______________. A. Wearable sensors. B. Smart watches. C. LED lights. D. All of the above

Answer : D. All of the above 

Description : A cartoon contains 15 torch lights out of which 3 are defective. Two torch light are chosen at random from this cartoon. The probability that at least one of these is defective is. A) 13/35 B) 14/35 C) 11/35 D) 17/35

Answer : Answer: A) P (none is defective) = 12c2/15c2 = (12*11/2*1)/(15*14/2*1) = 66/105=22/35 P (at least one is defective) = (1 – 22/35) =13/35

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Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

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Answer : kW is kilowatt and kVA is kilovolt ampere. kW is unit of real power and kVA is unit of Apparent power.

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Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

Description : What is meant by KVA?

Answer : KVA - kilo volt ampere  Used to specify the transformer details

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