How often do power surges occur?

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Description : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges _______ is used.  (1) lightning arrester (2) capacitor (3) combination of lightning arrester and capacitor (4) lightning conductor and arrester

Answer : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges combination of lightning arrester and capacitor is used. 

Description : How do you measure power factor?

Answer : P= 1.83*V*I*[email protected] where P is power           V is voltage            I is current           COS @ is P.F [email protected]= P/(1.83*V*I)  in other way cos @ = true power/apparent power

Description : Why do we need to correct power factor?

Description : What can you do to prevent a power surge?

Answer : By applying various power quality monitoring devices and using telecommunication technique .

Description : What is the use of power factor correction?

Description : Can you have a power factor greater than 1?

Answer : We cannot have power factor greater than 1. As it is a measure of cosine of angle between voltage and current. 

Description : What is the best power factor?

Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

Description : What is power factor angle?

Description : What is a digital power meter?

Description : What is an RF Power Meter?

Description : What causes random power outages?

Description : What is the advantage of high power factor?

Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

Description : What is power logger?

Description : What are the power quality disturbance?

Description : What is harmonic in power quality?

Description : What is a power quality analyzer?

Description : What is power quality meter?

Description : What are the different power quality issues?

Description : What is good power quality?

Description : What is power quality monitoring?

Description : Can a power surge erase a hard drive?

Description : Can power surge damage your computer?

Description : What would cause a power surge in a house?

Answer : If your neibour / other flat owners / your maintainer staff switch on any type of inductive load that can cause power surge / dip  

Description : What is meant by power dip?

Answer : Power quality is important because the electrical appliances will works better and will be safer and less loss in energy. Low energy waste and improves stability of power system .

Description : How do you calculate power loss?

Description : How do you power an Arduino?

Description : How do you find power in a circuit?

Answer : Power can be find in a circuit by the means of meters .if an individual want to check for a power in a circuit he/she Calabria the meters on a high voltage range and put the meters Lee in parallel with the circuit he /she will know the amount of power within that circuit .

Description : Why do we see lunar eclipses much more often than solar eclipses? w) Lunar eclipses occur more often than solar eclipses. x) Lunar eclipses last longer than solar eclipses. y) The lunar eclipse is visible to ... of the Earth than a solar eclipse. z) The moon is closer to the Earth than the sun.


Description : To protect the power transformer (Y-Y with neutral grounded) against fault, what type of connection do the CTs have ?

Answer : To protect the power transformer (Y-Y with neutral grounded) against fault, what type of connection do the CTs have ? Δ-Δ connection

Description : How does a turbocharger increase engine power?

Answer : How does a turbocharger increase engine power? The engine of a car, when driving uphill or traveling at high speed on the highway, experiences about the same as a runner at the end ... of compressed air also improves the combustion process, which positively affects the performance of the engine.

Description : Briefly explain how the power factor of an inductive circuit can be improved.

Answer : As we know that power factor should be corrected to ensure that the current supplied is cost friendly. Meaning the power factor should be around one but not greater than one(0.8-0.9) in a ... an inductive circuit due to the inductive reactance which oppose the change of current in the ac circuit. 

Description : Discuss how power factor tariff results into energy conservation.

Answer : Power factor tariff results into energy conservation: i) Applying incentives and penalties according to power factor is an effective way, which enables consumer to improve power factor so that he can ... finally leads to reduction in the current drawn by the load and helps for energy conservation.

Description : How many volts does it take to power an Arduino?

Answer : 5volts is enough to supply the Arduino.

Description : How can we improve power factor using synchronous motor?

Description : How many watts does a power plant produce?

Description : How much electricity is produced by a power plant?

Description : How can power loss be reduced?

Description : How much power does an Arduino use?

Description : How many volts are in the power lines?

Description : How does electricity get from the power plant to your home?

Answer : Electricity  gets  into   my   home  due  to  potential  diffrence  created   between  the  live   wire  and  neutral  wire.

Description : How to make power bank from laptop battery cells?

Answer : You can make the power bank from laptop battery cells. Things you need to make power bank from laptop battery cells: Laptop battery cells (about 6 in parallel) Universal Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A New Hot ... If you have any doubt ask it. Thanks...

Description : How does a capacitor improve power factor?

Answer : Every circuit are usually more inductive than means that the current lags by voltage at small angle.hence we have to compensate this situation so we use Capacitor then this lag is compensate ... angle becomes low and the value of cos(phase angle) is increase and hence power also max.

Description : How do you read a KWH Meter?

Description : (i) Explain construction and working of geothermal power plant. (ii) Explain the construction and working of bomb calorimeter.

Answer : (i) Geothermal power plant: Construction and Working: geothermal power plant which consists of the following main components: Underground steam storage, steam separator, steam separator, turbine and Generator. Steam is ... . From the above data the calorific value of the fuel can be found. 

Description : Draw and label the gas turbine power plant

Answer : OR

Description : Explain working of thermal power plant.

Answer : Working of thermal power plant: In this power plant, coal is used as a fuel for combustion in combustion chamber. After combustion of fuel the heat is generated and this heat is given to the ... by using cooling water and this condensate again used for the boiler with the help of feed pump. 

Description : State the effects of low power factor on efficiency and voltage regulation of short transmission lines. 

Answer : i) Effect of Low power factor on efficiency:- When power factor of load reduces current drawn by transmission line increases so copper losses in transmission line increases, hence transmission ... increases, so voltage drop in transmission line increases so regulation increases. (Become Poor) 

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